Third World Nanny States & Forced Poverty


Why is it that Egyptians do well in the U.S. but not Egypt?

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Eric Holder Partners with Fidel Castro—Again


The Justice Department finally enforces illegal immigration laws — but only to prosecute El Presidente’s enemy.

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Egypt’s New Hitler


Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi is the “father figure” of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood.

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Michelle Obama: First Lady of Junk Science


Big Mother’s social engineering is based on highly questionable research.

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Honoring a Killer


Wasting tax dollars to propagate the false legacy of Rachael Carson.

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Rocky and Republicans


What the GOP can learn from the legendary heavyweight champion.

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Vietnam’s Legacy of Lies


Why is there so little difference between what American students learn about Vietnam and what the country’s Communist Party teaches?

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The GOP Must Shoot for the Sky on Budget Cuts


Will Republicans seize the moment?

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Senate Democrats Drink More Kool-Aid


Why Republicans are on their way to becoming the majority in the upper chamber.

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Who’s Policing Joe Biden’s Rail Boondoggles?


Amtrak watchdogs are nowhere in sight, as the vice president lobbies for billions to be funneled to the failing train system.

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