An Ungodly American Empire?


Leaders of the Religious Left meet to condemn the U.S. as a source of violence and oppression in the world.

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Ronald Reagan: The 100-Year-Old Racist?


The truth about the Gipper’s record on racial equality.

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A Killer Agency


The deadly consequences of the FDA — is there a better way?

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The “Judicial Activism” Ploy


The Left’s newest rhetorical tool to sidestep the Constitution.

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Islam and Democracy – Much Hard Work Needed


Can the Muslim world overcome its anti-democratic Islamist movement?

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The Interior Department’s Culture of Contempt


The Obama administration defies a federal court order to lift the job-killing ban on offshore oil drilling.

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What the Left Doesn’t Know About Guns, Chapter 217


Progressives crusade against the only policy that has ever been proven to prevent mass killings.

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Conservative Christians Demand Action Against Iranian Nukes


A new coalition seeks to stop the Islamic Republic from achieving its end-times goal.

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Saudi Billionaire Buys Pieces of America


Who is Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal?

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A Christian Business in the Left’s Crosshairs


Associate with the wrong political cause and you will pay.

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