A Jihadist in the Heart of the Conservative Movement


The disturbing ties of Suhail Khan.

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Thuggery Prevails among Leftist Unions


After Obama’s call for civility, Big Labor will not abandon its use of the “persuasion of power.”

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The Perils of Palin


Is the Left playing Sarah Palin like a fiddle?

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Can Ban Ki-moon Save the U.N.?


The Secretary General vows to strengthen the United Nation’s legitimacy — with little success so far.

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Turmoil in Tunisia


Could the recent Tunisian coup embolden the Arab Islamist movement throughout the region?

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Obamacare: Round Two — Awake Conservatives!


Is the counteroffensive ready?

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The Hate Speech Inquisition


Democratic leaders’ campaign to impose government-sponsored speech suppression is very real.

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Black Man’s Burden: Those Who Make Them Victims


Has the Left destroyed the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.?

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Keeping the Global Warming Faith


The Religious Left is on a holy mission to achieve global wealth redistribution through climate change fear-mongering.

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Obama’s Cuban Bailout


More U.S. aid flows into the communist nation, tightening Castro’s grip.

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