Alongside Anti-Semitism, ‘Occupy Judaism’


Populist movements need useful idiots.

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The EduJobs III Bailout


Time to try something else with the economy.

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Random Thoughts on the Passing Scene


Instead of “spreading the wealth,” Obama has spread the poverty.

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Why Is Class Hatred Morally Superior to Race Hatred?


The major difference between Hitler and the Communist genocidal murderers was what groups they chose for extermination.

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Taking On Students for Justice in Palestine at Columbia


Students promote the “complete obliteration of the racist Zionist entity.”

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Occupy Wall Street: Giving the Masses Someone to Hate


The typical way totalitarians gain power.

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Costs of the Occupiers


In the spirit of shared sacrifice, the insatiable mobs drain public coffers intended for the common good.

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Meet the Flea Party!


Why the Occupy Wall Street movement is antithetical to the American tradition.

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Obama’s Base Problem


Dwindling support becomes a serious issue.

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What Iran’s Bluster Hides


Why the Mullahs are willing to engage in brinkmanship but not in a war with Israel.

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