U. Minnesota Considers Ban on Mentioning Race in Crime Alerts


Leftists claim students are more endangered by publicizing races of roving criminals.

Dartmouth Leftists Bar Conservatives from MLK Day Planning, Stage Protest of “White Supremacy”


The racist campus Gestapo strikes again.

Conservative Daily Caller Banned from MLA Convention


But the academic organization opens its arms to the Marxist “Red Wedge.”

Cornell Diversity Group ‘Lost’ $8,000 But Cuts Deemed Discriminatory


Punishment for missing funds may be racially insensitive.

Black Professor Reprimanded for Targeting White Males as Racist


Professor Shannon Gibney claims that the white students took her lecture “personally.”

Missouri State to Ban Nerf Guns?


How students are reacting to the PC madness.

Brown Students Heckle NYC Police Commissioner From the Stage

*May 07 - 00:05*

The leftist Gestapo in full gear.

Universities to Students: No ‘Offensive’ Halloween Costumes


Beware the PC horrors of cowboy, Indian and geisha get-ups.

Professors Blame Racism, Republicans for Government Shutdown


The Left marches in step to the expected Party Line.

Kansas Journalism Prof to NRA: ‘Next Time, Let It Be Your Sons and Daughters’ Who Are Shot


David Guth’s wish for the children of his political enemies to be murdered.