Iran, the Nuclear Deal and ‘The Gathering Storm’


Wisdom from Winston Churchill for a dangerous age.

Blasting Israel Makes Strange Bedfellows


Bipartisan hate at the J Street conference.

J-Street & New Israel Fund Post-Zionism: Calling for the Destruction of the Jewish State


A disturbing call to nullify the state of Israel as a Jewish state.

Boston Marathon Jihad Murderer Tsarnaev Guilty


Proving that the Obama counter-terror strategy is entirely wrongheaded.

From Rathergate to Rolling Stone: Fake But Accurate


The left’s entire worldview is a lie.

Ami Horowitz on the Streets of Ferguson, Berkeley and Beyond

Ami Horowitz

Filmmaker discusses bringing conservative principles to the big screen at the West Coast Retreat.

The Secret Life of Barack Obama


Delusional American leadership and its threat to global peace.

Obama’s Pro-Iranian Nukes Propaganda Barrage


The campaign to convince Americans that the mullahs are peaceful has only just begun.

Holiday Church Destruction in the Islamic World


Christians of the Muslim world punished for Easter Sunday.

The Lies of Leftist Feminism — on The Glazov Gang


Progressive feminists, Islam and selective indignation.