Media vs. Pro-Israel Advocates


The more pro-Israel the figure, the more vicious the attack.

The ‘Sex Jihad’


Clerics find a good use for women in the war against the infidel.

An Irishwoman Speaks: Obama Is A War Criminal


An American president called out in Irish Parliament.

Islamism’s Tactical Advantage


When a nation loses the will to defend itself.

Melanie Phillips’ Friendly Fire


Phillips betrays her allies when the chips are down — and sends an encouraging message to the enemies of the United Kingdom.

Sen. Jeff Sessions’ Heroic Stand Against Amnesty

large_Sessions made up mind

Conservative senator fights back against a legislative monstrosity.

Erasing the ‘Faces of Global Terrorism’


The FBI takes down photos of wanted terrorists to avoid giving offense.

U.S. Foreign Policy Is Failing Worldwide


Enemies rejoice over a new era of U.S. disengagement from the world stage.

Islam, Rape and Theology


You think Europe’s Muslim rape epidemic is bad? Take a look at the Muslim world.

Beheading for a ‘Free’ Syria

Picture 4

The barbaric and blood-soaked delights of the U.S.-backed rebels.