Raped and Murdered for Being White


A race case Al Sharpton missed when he brought his mob to Trenton, NJ.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Definition of ‘Legitimacy’

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate Mohamed Morsie

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A Modest Proposal


The logical choice for the next Nobel Peace Prize.

Halal: A Taste of Terror


The growing alarm over where the funds of the multi-billion-dollar industry end up.

McCarthy On Steroids


How Diana West’s new book, American Betrayal, spins a vast conspiracy theory without the evidence to back it up.

Kill Terrorists in Yemen, Free Them in Israel


The world according to John Kerry.

The Shroud of Trayvon


The infamous hoodie may go to the Smithsonian — and seal its legacy as a religious relic.

No Justice for Victims of Terrorist Nidal Hasan


Why the Fort Hood jihadist has received better treatment than the survivors of his attack.

Israel’s Sacrifices of Peace Must End


Peace cannot be achieved through human sacrifice.

The Dangerous Stupidity of Oprah Winfrey


She talks. She cries. She acts.