To Release a Blind Sheik — on The Glazov Gang

Mideast Egypt Mubarak Trial

Josh Brewster, Leon Weinstein and Dwight Schultz analyze the troubling indications that Obama might release a mass murderer.

Nothing To Do With This Movie


If U.S. Secretary of State Cordell Hull had acted like Hillary Clinton.

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Cultures of Honor


A new book exposes the dark reality of honor crime.

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Muslims, Mormons and Liberals


Why is it okay to mock one religion but not another?

Speak Out on Never Again Day – September 27th


A call to action for individuals concerned over the absence of “red lines” for Iran.

Obama Admits He Is A Muslim


A video every concerned American must watch:

World Leaders Rally for Blasphemy Laws


But a few courageous voices condemn the global assault on free speech.

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Which PR Firm Is Writing Ahmadinejad’s Speech?


Manipulating media with blood money.

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Americans Don’t Trust the Media


A Gallup Poll reveals three-in-five Americans have little faith in the Fourth Estate.

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Honor Killing Caught On Film


Honor killings become more and more common in Egypt since the toppling of Mubarak.