Progressive Education

This article was originally published by Salon on December 1, 1997. Of all the misnomers of our political vocabulary, “progressive” is the most abusive and the most abused. “Progressive” is the accepted term for the political left today, just as it was 50 years ago, when it was used as a self-description by Communists and [...]

We Believe You, Scumbag

Why does President Clinton still get a pass from America’s feminists? Because being a liberal is more important than being a sexual predator.

The Triumph of “Multicultural” Thugs

The physical assault on Ann Coulter at Cornell proves that fascism is alive and well on U.S. campuses.

The Civil Rights Movement is Dead, RIP

Black leaders like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson criticize racialing profiling in the legal system, but they espouse the same logic in their own politics.

The loafing class

There’s good news and bad news in higher education today. The good news is that a university education can provide a pass, open to all, to the incredible bounties of the information age economy. The bad news is that the price of the pass can be the equivalent of a Ferrari, putting the average student [...]

Hate crimes go both ways

This article originally appeared at Salon on October 26, 1998. Two weeks ago, Matthew Shepard was tortured and left to die on the high plains of Wyoming simply because he was gay. On June 7, a similar attack was made against James Byrd Jr., a black man in Texas. Both murders were followed by outpourings [...]

David Brock’s new liberal friends

This article was originally published by Salon on March 23, 1998. David Brock is famous once again. In the April Esquire, and in countless television interviews, the slayer of Anita Hill, the outer of “Paula,” the relentless scourge of sanctimonious liberals goes down on his knees to plant an unlikely kiss on the presidential posterior. [...]

Salon’s conspiracy

This article was originally published by Salon on April 20, 1998. Salon is in the news. Stories by Murray Waas and Jonathan Broder concerning Whitewater witness David Hale have ratcheted up the Clinton assault on special prosecutor Ken Starr. They have been cited in the pages of Time magazine and the New York Times, and [...]

This is Beyond Libel. It is Surreal.

Editor’s note: In March 2001,  Alicia Montgomery dubbed David Horowitz “the white Al Sharpton.”  Below is his response, originally published by Salon on March 19, 2001. A depressing aspect of the debate that I seem to have started is how one-sided it remains. In the thousands of words written in response to the 1,300-word ad [...]

The party’s over

This article was originally published by Salon, on May 4, 1998. For years, Richard Rorty held court as one of the foremost left-wing intellectuals in America. In his latest book, “Achieving Our Country,” he describes the left as anti-American, negative, lacking any program and politically irrelevant. Damning as this indictment might seem, Rorty has no [...]