David Horowitz’s Archives: Robin Hood Lives

But taking from the rich to give to the poor is exactly what it sounds like: robbery. This article was originally published by Salon on May 24, 1997. It has been reformatted for readability. It is almost a decade since the Marxist empire began crumbling, yet the crackpot ideas of its founder live on. The [...]

David Horowitz’s Archives: William F. Buckley, Jr. Remembered

This article originally appeared at FrontPage Magazine, on February 28, 2008. In November 2005, National Review celebrated William Buckley’s 80th birthday and the magazine’s 50th with a big party in Manhattan. David Horowitz was unable to attend, but sent this birthday greeting to Mr. Buckley –The Editors. Dear Bill, It’s been twenty years since we [...]

Academic Hanky Panky

This article was originally published at FrontPage Magazine, on March 02, 2006. Like several local media outlets, the Seattle Times recently ran a story about the treatment of one of its hometown academics who was profiled in my book, The Professors. Like most local papers the Times also tilted its report heavily in favor the professor I had [...]

David Horowitz’s Archives: The Party of Defeat, and Self-Defeat

This post originally appeared at FrontPage Magazine, on June 20, 2008. David Horowitz delivered the following speech at the David Horowitz Freedom Center retreat in Santa Barbara, which was held at the Four Seasons Resort May 30-June 1. — The Editors. We’re in an election year where a hawkish presidential candidate should win in a [...]

David Horowitz’s Archives: Party of Defeat

This article originally appeared at FrontPage Magazine, on June 4, 2008. Most conversations about the coming elections focus on the question of which candidate is most suited to lead the nation as it confronts the challenges and threats ahead. A better question would be to ask whether there is one party– the Democratic Party — [...]

Jimmy Carter: Jew-Hater, Genocide-Enabler, Liar

This article originally appeared at FrontPage Magazine, on December 14, 2006. Even as Islamic Hitlerites gather in Iran to deny the first Holocaust of the Jews and to plot the second, former president Jimmy Carter tours America with a new book that describes Jews as racists and oppressors, and suggests they are also a conspiratorial [...]

Ten Reasons Why Reparations for Blacks is a Bad Idea for Blacks – and Racist Too

This FrontPage Magazine article was originally published on January 03, 2001. One There Is No Single Group Clearly Responsible For The Crime Of Slavery Black Africans and Arabs were responsible for enslaving the ancestors of African-Americans. There were 3,000 black slave-owners in the ante-bellum United States. Are reparations to be paid by their descendants too? [...]

David Horowitz’s Archives: How Liberals Get Conservatives Wrong

This article originally appeared at FrontPage Magazine, on October 15, 2008. In the introduction to Rebels All!,Kevin Mattson’s unconventional look at conservatives, the historian acknowledges that conservative ideas need to be taken seriously. This is a refreshing departure from the wish of most liberals and all leftists that conservative ideas would just disappear. It is also [...]

David Horowitz’s Archives: A Forgery and a Hate Crime

This article originally appeared at FrontPage Magazine, on October 09, 2007. In a stratagem typical of the deceitful smear campaigns the left seems to favor, an obviously fake hate flyer has been posted all over the George Washington University campus with the intention of sabotaging Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week (October 22-26), and smearing its sponsors the David [...]

David Horowitz’s Archives: My Encounter With the Enemy in Milwaukee

This article originally appeared at FrontPage Magazine, on May 13, 2008. While waiting to speak at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee last night, I was given a tour of the Student Union, the venue for my talk. The Union building also houses the offices of student clubs, funded by mandatory student fees. On the bulletin [...]