Susan Rice on Bowe Bergdahl: More Lies


Rice claims that the now-famous Army deserter “served the United States with honor and distinction.”

Prophet of “Critical Race Theory”


When UCLA law professor Kimberlé Crenshaw looks at America, she sees a nation whose institutions are thoroughly infested with white racism and sexism. 

The Crude Words of an “Immigrant-Rights Activist”


The immigrant-rights icon Jose Angel Gutierrez has spoken of “eliminating” and “killing” the “gringo.” He has celebrated the fact that white people “are dying” more rapidly than they are reproducing. And he has stated that “our devil has pale skin and blue eyes.”

The “Nonpartisan” Plan to Elect More Democrats


The Color of Democracy Project strives to maximize support for the Democratic Party and its agendas.

Maya Angelou: 1928-2014


A look at the life and worldview of the famed poet.

The Brennan Center’s Crusade Against Voter ID


The Brennan Center’s widely cited, deeply flawed report, Citizens Without Proof, maintains that voter ID laws are unnecessary because “fraud by individual voters is … extremely rare.”

Equating Capitalism and Environmental Destruction


Environmentalist Denis Hayes views capitalism as an economic system that is inherently destructive of the natural world, and believes that its deadly ramifications can be reined in only by the “mechanism” of “government.”

Flooding NYC’s Food-Stamp Rolls

De Blasio

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration has removed the requirement that able-bodied, childless adults must work, or at least seek work, in order to remain eligible for food-stamp assistance.

Legal Radicals & the Doctrine of Equal Outcomes


Law professor Catharine MacKinnon seeks to embed the principle of equal outcomes — rather than equal opportunity — in the American constitutional framework.

Human Industry = Environmental Degradation?


The Foundation for Deep Ecology says that saving the planet “will require rethinking our values as a society”—particularly “present assumptions about economics, development, and the place of human beings in the natural order.”