The Method Behind the Madness


An overview of the “Curley Effect,” which accounts for the success of Democratic political leaders who adopt redistributive policies and class-warfare rhetoric to create a permanently dependent bloc of loyal voters.

How a Society Evolves Toward the Left


Antonio Gramsci called for Communists to spread their ideology in a gradual, incremental, stealth manner, by infiltrating all existing societal institutions and embedding it, largely without being noticed, in the popular mind. This approach has been widely adopted by the modern American Left.

Brainwashing in the Classroom


Rethinking Schools is an “education-reform” group that reveres Bill Ayers and views the classroom as a place where young left-wing activists can be cultivated via systematic indoctrination.

The Democratic Machine Seeks to Capture Texas


This past Tuesday, a key Obama campaign operative launched Battleground Texas, a group that seeks to transform the traditionally Republican Lone Star State into a Democratic stronghold, and thereby make it impossible for Republicans to ever again win a presidential election.

The Face of “Diversity Training”


Samuel Betances’ revolting display at the USDA demonstrates that “diversity” and “sensitivity training” have nothing to do with “tolerance” or goodwill, but are euphemisms for socially acceptable racism against white Americans.

The Fraudulent “No Labels” Movement


Deceptively describing itself as a “results-oriented organization” dedicated to “uniting Americans left, right and center,” the nonprofit group No Labels is a brainchild of the Left.

Senator Bob Menendez


A look at the Democrats’ so-called “conscience on immigration.”

The Disgrace of Benghazi


The most remarkable fact about the ill-fated U.S. consulate in Benghazi is not how the Obama administration allowed terrorists to slaughter 4 innocent Americans in cold blood, but rather, how it used the consulate to facilitate U.S. aid to Al Qaeda-affiliated jihadists in Libya and Syria.

Erasing America’s Southern Border, One Step at a Time


The Migration Policy Institute  rejects “absolute notions of [national] sovereignty”; calls for “gradually disappearing border controls”; and favors massive public spending on the needs of low-income immigrants.

The Left’s Self-Satisfied Obsession with Race


  “As a black person it’s always racial,” says entertainer Jamie Foxx, resentful of having to act “white” for several hours each day at work.