Marxism in the Classroom


A look at Professor Richard D. Wolff, whom The New York Times Magazine calls “America’s most prominent Marxist economist.”

New York Chooses Socialism

De Blasio

Bill de Blasio, poised to be elected mayor of New York City, identifies himself as an advocate of “democratic socialism,” has longstanding ties to numerous socialist organizations, supported the Marxist Sandinistas in Nicaragua, and honored the Marxist-Leninist dictator of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe.

Who Is Kathleen Sebelius?


An in-depth look at President Obama’s radical Secretary of Health & Human Services.

The “Head Start” Boondoggle

Head Start

Empirical evidence indicates that this multi-billion-dollar program delivers no measurable, lasting benefits in terms of children’s cognitive, physical, or socio-emotional development.

The Decline (and Fall?) of a Far Leftist


San Diego mayor Bob Filner, the son of a Communist Party member, spent two decades in Congress compiling a voting record that was the very embodiment of hard leftism. Now his political career is in peril, amid a growing scandal.

The Leftist Worldview of Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou

“A black person grows up in this country — and in many places — knowing that racism will be as familiar as salt to the tongue.”

Why Sociology Is a Left-Wing Discipline

ASA image

The American Sociological Association strongly favors government interventions in the economy (rather than free markets); public (as opposed to private) schooling; “discrimination controls” such as affirmative action; and large-scale wealth redistribution.

Obama, Inc. … Now and Forever

CA photo

The team of high-tech number-crunchers that played a crucial role in President Obama’s 2012 re-election, will remain together to affect U.S. politics for a long time to come — thanks to a massive cash investment by Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt.

Portrait of an Abomination


An in-depth look at the scandals, the lies, and the longstanding extreme radicalism of Attorney General Eric Holder.

This Tax-Exempt Group Had No Trouble at All with the IRS


The very shady Barack H. Obama Foundation received tax-exempt status from the IRS — retroactively, in fact — within just one month of applying.