Frances Fox Piven and the “Orchestrated Crisis” Strategy


An in-depth look at the sociologist who explained how economic crises could be created and then exploited — all for the purpose of bringing about transformational social change.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Quest for World Domination


Mohamed ElBaradei, who stands poised to replace Hosni Mubarak as Egypt’s president, has told ABC News’ Christiane Amanpour that the Muslim Brotherhood, which supports ElBaradei, is in “no way extremist.” Rather, he explains, the Brotherhood is akin to “evangelical groups in the U.S.” and “orthodox Jews in Jerusalem.”  This assertion ranks quite high among the most […]

Who Is Julian Assange?


The man behind WikiLeaks is a lifelong computer hacker whose self-identified objective is to spark a “social movement” with the power to “bring down many administrations that rely on concealing reality—including the U.S. administration.”

The Fusion of Judaism and New-Left Radicalism


Although nominally a Jewish-oriented publication that claims to be “pro-Israel,” Michael Lerner’s Tikkun magazine has often provided a forum for anti-Israel and anti-Semitic writings. Most notably, it has promoted the notion that Jews slaughtered, drove out, or otherwise dispossessed innocent Palestinian Arabs of their homes when Israel was founded, and that Israel continues to routinely violate the […]

Rangel Guilty


A House ethics subcommittee has convicted Rep. Charles Rangel on 11 of the 13 counts against him, thereby setting the stage for a full ethics panel to hold a sanctions hearing. Asked if he had any reaction to the subcommittee’s decision, Rangel told reporters, “Nope, none.” For a comprehensive overview of Rangel’s political career and his […]

“Saving” the Constitution by Undermining National Security


The Constitution Project (CP) is a nonprofit organization whose objective is to influence court decisions and public opinion on contentious constitutional and legal issues. Specifically, CP favors “reasonable alternatives” to incarceration for criminals. It steadfastly opposes the death penalty. It complains that post-9/11 immigration restrictions enacted “in the name of national security” raise “serious constitutional concerns.” It […]

Jewish Voice for Surrender

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Viewing Israel as morally analogous to apartheid South Africa, Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) has launched an extensive divestment campaign designed to stop companies around the world from conducting business with, or investing in, Israel. The organization also views Hamas leader Khaled Mash’al as a legitimate potential partner in the peace process, and has urged Israeli officials to meet […]

The World’s Most Powerful Man?


George Soros is a New York hedge-fund manager who has amassed a personal fortune estimated at about $13 billion. Since 1979, Soros’ foundation network — whose flagship is the Open Society Institute — has dispensed billions of dollars to many hundreds of organizations whose objectives are politically far-left. A devoted supporter of President Obama, Soros was also the prime mover behind […]

Billionaires for the “Grassroots”


Billionaires George Soros and Peter Lewis are two of the leading donors to the Democracy Alliance, a self-described “liberal organization” whose long-term objective is to raise hundreds of millions of dollars to advance leftwing agendas.

A “FIRM” Call for Open Borders


The Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM) is a project of the Center for Community Change (CCC), one of the most prominent and well-funded groups lobbying for open-borders legislation. Viewing America as a racist country in need of radical transformation, FIRM has endorsed an “increase” in the number of “refugees” coming into America — in hopes of building a powerful progressive […]