Erasing the Line Between Legal & Illegal


In a manner typical of the left-wing immigration lobby, the National Immigration Law Center argues that “all people,” regardless of their “immigration status,” should have “equal access to justice, education, government resources, and economic opportunities.”

Raising a New Generation of Leftists


Teaching For Change seeks to to transform America into a more “equitable, multicultural society” by implementing “social justice” education in K-12 schools.

Viewing the World Through Race-Colored Glasses


Congressional Black Caucus member James Clyburn, who has a long history of “seeing” racism virtually everywhere, now claims that a state law is racist for stipulating that in order to win a primary election, a candidate must receive at least 50% of the votes. This law, says Clyburn, is “a very slick way” to “dilute the […]

Prophets of Environmental Doom


The environmental group vehemently opposes the use of fossil fuels, which it says will lead to all manner of catastrophe including polar icecap melting, floods, droughts, violent “superstorms,” worldwide increases in disease, and food shortages.

Anti-Israel Figure Rejoins Obama White House


His name is Robert Malley. His father was a confidante of Yasser Arafat and a key figure in the Egyptian Communist Party. Over the years, Malley has penned numerous op-eds condemning Israel and exonerating the Palestinians. Now he will be a senior director at the National Security Council.

Rejecting America’s Right to Enforce Immigration Law


Ever since 9/11, the American Immigration Council has characterized newly instituted immigration restrictions and anti-terrorism measures as xenophobic assaults on civil liberties, and as “hate legislation.”

The IRS Scandal Mushrooms to Monstrous Proportions


We now know that the IRS targeted not only conservative groups that were applying for nonprofit status. We now know that 100% of the already-established nonprofit groups that the IRS audited were conservative organizations. Every single one.

Why the Left Smears Black Conservatives As Race Traitors


Justice Clarence Thomas says “the worst things that have been done to me, the worst things that have been said about me, [were] by northern liberal elites, not by the people of Savannah, Georgia.” Here are some shocking examples.

Environmentalism’s Forced Ideological Conformity


The Climate Reality Project claims that “climate deniers” who are skeptical about the alleged dangers of manmade global warming, are merely “following the exact same playbook as the tobacco companies that once denied that smoking causes cancer.”

Border Security = “Extremist” Policy?

Zuckerberg, an “immigration reform” group co-founded by Facebook chairman Mark Zuckerberg, has  distributed to all Members of Congress a document detailing “the shocking extremism behind anti-immigrant groups” that oppose amnesty and support border security.