Smearing the Criminal-Justice System


Founded by Harry Belafonte, Gathering For Justice contends that the American criminal-justice system is rife with racial discrimination.

The Anti-Police Movement’s Ties to Revolutionary Communism


The Stop Mass Incarceration Network, which seeks to “stop the injustice of … police brutality,” is closely allied with the Revolutionary Communist Party.

Hillary’s Closest Adviser


Huma Abedin and her family have close ties to pro-Sharia organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood and the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs.

United For Leftism


Americans United For Change promotes left-wing agendas in such areas as healthcare, the environment, energy policy, financial reform, and labor issues.

Another Union; Another Bastion of Leftism


A look at the agendas of the UFCW.

The Left Infiltrates the Catholic Church

Catholics United

Catholics United promotes leftist values vis à vis the economy, welfare policy, immigration, healthcare, the environment, criminal justice, and more.

Obamacare’s Stealth Voter-Registration Operation


The agendas and scandals of Enroll America.

The Battle to Turn Texas Blue

Battleground Texas

Battleground Texas seeks to transform the traditionally Republican state of Texas into a Democratic stronghold.

The Democrats’ Green Hypocrite


While billionaire Democratic fundraiser Tom Steyer lectured Americans about the environmental devastation caused by fossil fuels, he was investing hundreds of millions of dollars in the oil and coal industries.

Portrait of a Leftist


A look at the politics and agendas of DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz.