Smearing Conservatives with Trayvon Martin’s Blood


Color Of Change, which was founded by former Obama czar Van Jones, views America as a profoundly racist nation. Now the group seeks to advance its agendas by exploiting the death of the Florida teen.

Catholics For Obama


Though Barack Obama has been an unwavering supporter of abortion rights throughout his years in government, this Catholic organization rationalizes that the President is technically “pro-life” because he “has spent his entire career striving for the common good.”

Bonding the American Church to the Welfare State


The Catholic Campaign for Human Development, which once funded the activities of a young community organizer named Barack Obama, promotes a number of socialist and Marxist ideals.

The New “Abolitionists”


According to Race Traitor, a publication that was highly regarded by the late Professor Derrick Bell (whom Barack Obama much admired), “the key to solving the social problems of our age is to abolish the white race.”

“Critical Race Theory” and the Indoctrination of Schoolchildren


Citing the “systemic racism” of “white culture” as the major cause of minority students’ academic underachievement, the Pacific Educational Group strives to bring the corrosive tenets of “critical race theory” (developed by the late Derrick Bell) to classrooms nationwide.

Law Students for the Nanny State


Law Students for Reproductive Justice, the group with which Sandra Fluke has held a leadership role, believes that both private and publicly-funded healthcare insurers should pay for all services related to contraception, abortion, sterilization, and gender-identity surgery—so as to enable women to fully control their own “reproductive destiny.”

The “Young Co-Ed” and the Contraception Controversy


An in-depth look at Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown Law student who demands that health insurers pay for birth control, abortifacients, abortions, and sterilization procedures – even at religious institutions that object to such requirements on moral grounds.

Global Warming and Wealth Redistribution: The Connection


Characterizing the world’s developed countries as polluters that have done immense and disproportionate harm to the natural environment, the Copenhagen Climate Council demands that these nations repay their “historic carbon debt” by means of massive wealth transfers to poorer countries — all in the revered pursuit of “environmental justice.”

Another America-Hating Racist in Barack Obama’s Orbit


Twenty years ago at Harvard Law School, a 30-year-old Barack Obama urged his fellow law students to “open up your hearts and minds to the words of Professor Derrick Bell,” a man who courageously spoke “the truth.” Central to that “truth” was the belief that white racism is a permanent, ineradicable aspect of American life, […]

Preaching Genocide on the Airwaves


Promoting anti-Semitism and jihad, Al-Aqsa TV is run by Hamas and is designated as a terrorism-financing organization by the U.S. Treasury Department.