Anti-Capitalist Rally in DC Just 9 Days Away


The newly formed “October 2011″ movement will stage its kickoff rally in DC next Thursday. Calling on the U.S. government to end all economic policies “which foster a wealth divide,” this organization vehemently opposes federal spending cuts — favoring instead massive government expenditures for the purpose of “creating jobs.”

Demanding the Transformation of a Racist America


The Applied Research Center views the United States as a nation where “structural racism” is deeply “embedded in the fabric of society.” As such, the organization demands “concrete change from our most powerful institutions to build a fair and equal society.”

How the Left Defines Itself


During each election cycle, Americans For Democratic Action aggressively promotes those candidates who adhere most closely to its own clearly defined left-wing positions on a wide variety of issues.  

Obama and Israel


A detailed look at a Barack Obama’s strained relationship with Israel, from the early 1990s through the present day.

The Democracy Alliance: A Major Cog in the Soros Machine


A financial clearinghouse for the progressive movement, the Democracy Alliance bankrolls such varied left-wing enterprises as think tanks, media “watchdog” groups, “ethics” organizations, voter-mobilization groups, media outlets that attack conservatives, and leadership-training centers.

Jewish Voice for Surrender


While claiming to support “security and self-determination for Israelis and Palestinians” alike, Jewish Voice for Peace aims most of its criticisms at Israel. It also impugns the U.S. for the “critical role” it has played in supporting Israel’s “repressive policies.”

Identifying George Soros’s Agendas


Each year, George Soros’s Open Society Institute donates scores of millions of dollars to left-wing advocacy groups. Discover The Networks has identified, with specificity, the major agendas that Soros and these organizations together promote.

Obama’s “Green Jobs” Hoax


Efforts to create large numbers of “green jobs” have had disastrous economic repercussions wherever they have been implemented, most notably in Spain, Italy, Germany, and Denmark. But President Obama and the American Left are unfazed by the empirical evidence.

Supporting Al Qaeda, in a NYC Borough


Aiming to restore the Islamic caliphate, the New York-based Muslim Thinkers Society advocates the extermination of “the Zionist Roaches” by means of a second “Holocaust right on the soil of Israel.”

Cleaning the Air by Redistributing Wealth


Asserting that “humanity has created” global warming, the Copenhagen Climate Council says it is “beyond reasonable scientific doubt” that the high level of atmospheric CO2 is “caused primarily by greenhouse gases which are emitted by the burning of fossil fuels.” To remedy the problem, the Council advocates a globalized wealth-redistribution plan.