Winston Churchill’s War Against Islamists


If he were alive today……

Finding Out I Was a Communist and How I Escaped — on The Glazov Gang


Ex-leftist Ari David shares how he found himself imprisoned within the political faith — and how he found his way out.

Netanyahu Emerges Victorious


The Likud party overcomes the leftist opposition, the media — and the Obama administration.

Why Democrats Hate the Internet


The Internet was only meant to be open until they could close it.

Obama Whitewashes Iranian Terrorism


The Islamic Republic and Hezbollah are no longer global terrorist threats?

Obama Administration Insults Memory of Armenian Holocaust

arm gen

State Department calls upon Armenians to release Azeri Muslim terrorists who murdered Christian teenager.

The Problem at Immigration and Customs Enforcement


A federal agency takes a step forward — and ten steps back.

On Disgrace and Honor: Hannah Arendt, Stefan Zweig, and Central European Despair


Fighting against a world in whose eyes it is a shame to be a Jew.

Iran and the 4th Anniversary of the Syrian Uprising


The Iranization of Syria.

Obama Comes to Castro’s Rescue — on The Glazov Gang


Humberto Fontova unveils how the Radical-in-Chief threw a lifeline to a dying tyranny.