John Kerry’s End-Run Around Congress on Iran

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry gestures during a news conference after nuclear talks in Geneva

Can lawmakers stop the Obama administration’s bad deal with the Islamic Republic?

Leftist-Beloved Palestinian Terrorist Sentenced to Prison

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 11.57.15 PM

Justice finally catches up with Rasmieh Yusef Odeh.

CIA Chief John Brennan: Deceptions About Islam


A glimpse at what is wrong with U.S. thinking on Jihad.

New Israel Fund Is No Friend of Israel


Time to take boycotting of Israel completely outside the realm of acceptability.

Glenn Beck to NRA: It’s Norquist or Me


Challenging the conservative movement’s albatross.

Deborah Lipstadt and David Ellenson’s Cynical Attack on Pamela Geller and Ronn Torossian


When you don’t have any facts to argue, the laziest approach is to shriek McCarthyism.

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke: Mike Brown, Eric Garner Co-conspirators in Their Own Demise

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 12.44.30 AM

A champion for law and order discusses Ferguson and more at the West Coast retreat.

UK Unveils New Law in Wake of Child Sex Abuse Gangs


But the underlying problem is cultural, not criminal.

Obama’s Deal With a Cheating Iran?


What will the Radical-in-Chief do when Iran violates its promises?

CAIR-Florida’s New Islamic Extremist Youth


Hezbollah support is strong in the Sunshine State.