The Election Was Fun But Don’t Get Too Happy


The GOP has two years to give voters a real reason to vote for it — before Dems regroup in 2016.

Republicans Conquer the Senate

U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell waves to supporters with his wife Elaine Chao at his midterm election night rally in Louisville

But will they stand up to President Obama?

The Democrats Can’t Afford to Lose Israel


Without Israel, the Democratic Party loses its Jewish appeal.

British Police Failing to Arrest Muslim Sex Offenders


Manchester authorities have higher priorities.

Rula Jebreal’s Deceptions About Islam — on The Glazov Gang


A former Muslim Imam unveils the falsehoods Jebreal recently uttered on Bill Maher’s “Real Time”.

Judge Rejects the ‘Disparate Impact’ Fraud


Attorney General hopeful Tom Perez’s race-based justice scheme surfers a major setback.

Ten Reasons Why I Am No Longer a Leftist


An account of the milestones in my journey out of the political faith.

The Palestinian Hijacking of Rachel’s Tomb


How UN-funded textbooks are teaching children that the Jewish holy site is a shrine to a Muslim.

Severely Distorted Thinking about the Temple Mount


The Jewish people have a right to pray on the Temple Mount.

Election Day: What’s at Stake


Will Americans choose freedom or the continuing dominance of statism?