Boys of the Taliban


A reflection on the barbaric enemy Obama is surrendering Afghanistan to.

Greek Radical Left on the March


How the far Left plans to “renegotiate” the debt obligations of the bankrupt country.

Eastwood’s ‘American Sniper’: Republican Propaganda?


The Left’s unhinged reaction to a war movie that doesn’t blame America.

U.S. Immigration Policy and Exposure to Terror — on The Glazov Gang


How terrorists use immigration fraud to do us harm — and how U.S. leadership does nothing about it.

Jihad in Paris — on The Glazov Gang


The Islamic teachings that inspired the Charlie Hebdo massacre — and the denial about them.

When Will We Wake Up?


A bloody day in the great clash of civilizations.

The Charlie Hebdo Jihad Massacre: Time to Stand for Free Speech


Calls for speech restrictions are certain to come now.

Paris Shooting – Vengeance for Transgressing Jihadist Taboos


When the sacred is polluted by the impurity of unbelievers.

A Warrior Against Communism and Islamism


Remembering Vitaly Raevsky.

Appeasement Comes Back to Haunt France

FRANCE Shooting 131106

A lesson in the temptation to bow to Islamic aggression.