Challenging Islam’s Warrant to Kill


The price of not confronting the Islamic idea that infidels’ lives are disposable.

Christians Slaughtered in Pakistani Jihad


Jihadis faithfully carry out Koran 9:111.

The Israeli Left and Its Captive Media Get Clobbered


Why all the funds smuggled to the leftist Israeli NGOs failed to topple Netanyahu.

A Simple Question


What Hillary Clinton doesn’t want to answer.

Note From the Editors: Temporary Security Measure in Place


Why you are experiencing a 5-second delay in loading the site today.

The Left’s Ted Cruz Freakout


Cruz’s enemies line up against him — just the way he likes it.

Obama Appeases While Netanyahu Shows a Gleam of Steel


The president’s dangerous deal with Iran repeats a dark history.

Victor Davis Hanson: Illegal Immigration Is Illiberal Immigration

victor davis hanson

Conservative scholar discusses the ugly core of the illegal immigration racket at the West Coast Retreat.

To Kill Without a Trace


The mystery behind the Argentine Jewish center terror blast.

Why the Left Never Looks Back — on The Glazov Gang


How the Left’s schemes engender mass human suffering — and why progressives learn and admit nothing.