Pat Condell Video: Progressivism Destroyed in 8 Minutes


Laughing at the new Inquisition.

Hysterical Media Tell Us to Calm Down


The Democrats now oppose the “politics of fear”?

Berkeley’s Jihad Against Bill Maher

Maher 726

The latest neo-fascist effort to destroy free speech and stifle debate about Islamic supremacism.

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When Leftist Race Hatred Meets Islamism


Ax-wielding NYC jihadist a “crusader seeking justice” for the New Black Panthers — and ISIS.

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Muslims are Islamizing Jerusalem with the blood of little girls.

Dracula and the Sultan


Is the new Dracula movie Islamophobic?

Geert Wilders on “Fighting the Islamization of Free Societies” — on The Glazov Gang


A titan and courageous truth-teller warns what has to be done to save the West.

Transforming America into the Killing Fields


A murder spree in California shows what the release of criminal aliens could mean for America.