Note From the Editors: Temporary Security Measure in Place


Why you are experiencing a 5-second delay in loading the site today.

The Left’s Ted Cruz Freakout


Cruz’s enemies line up against him — just the way he likes it.

Obama Appeases While Netanyahu Shows a Gleam of Steel


The president’s dangerous deal with Iran repeats a dark history.

Victor Davis Hanson: Illegal Immigration Is Illiberal Immigration

victor davis hanson

Conservative scholar discusses the ugly core of the illegal immigration racket at the West Coast Retreat.

To Kill Without a Trace


The mystery behind the Argentine Jewish center terror blast.

Why the Left Never Looks Back — on The Glazov Gang


How the Left’s schemes engender mass human suffering — and why progressives learn and admit nothing.

BDS & Lawfare Is Pro-Israel Only to American Jewish Leaders

634885199350344688_new israel fund logo

The British Jewish community shows U.S. Jews what path to take.

The Myth of Netanyahu’s Racism

Benjamin Netanyahu

Why Netanyahu got his best numbers among Arab voters.

Britain Surrenders


The rape gang scandal manifests a comprehensive cultural collapse.

Jewish University Students and Double Standards


Racist students in Oklahoma are expelled — but what about those who attack Jewish students?