Raise Minimum Wage to $14 an Hour Using This One Weird Trick!


How the Left has massively redistributed wealth from the poor to the rich with immigration.

Ronan Farrow Is MSNBC’s Newest Liberal Hypocrite

Today - Season 62

The new television host follows his debut by banning journalists from asking questions.

Video: A Day in the Life of Trying to Sign Up for ObamaCare, Part II


Not one doctor, or even one Urgent Care Center, in a 50 mile radius accepts my ObamaCare plan.

The Southern Poverty Law Center’s Ridiculous ‘Hate Group’ List


It’s risible, but highly profitable, for them to lump conservative groups in with real haters.

The Israeli Solution


A one-state plan for peace in the Middle East.

The Post-American and Post-Communist World


The era of world powers is over.

The Real Mystery of HBO’s ‘True Detective’


Despite stunning style and performances, the question remains: Is this show any good?

EU Offers False Hope for Ukraine


Why trade one corrupt tyranny for another?

Jews Who Abandon Judaism Abandon Israel


A glance at the self-hating narcissism of the Jewish Left.

Where Have all the Flower (Children) Gone?


Forget looking in the mainstream media for the nitty-gritty of the communist repression in Venezuela.