SJP and the Anti-SJP Posters


A hate group is held accountable.

UCLA SJP: #JewHaters


When perpetrators pretend they’re victims.

Why Obama Won’t Call the Jihadis Islamic


A dangerous denial.

The U.S.-Supported Terrorists of the Palestinian Authority


Palestinians ordered to pay $655 million to their U.S. victims.

Giuliani Speaks Truth to Power

Richard Branson & Rudy Giuliani Visit "Cavuto" On FOX Business Network

Can a lifelong radical love America?

Oriana Fallaci on Islam


Sermon to the West.

Jeh Johnson’s Amnesty Lies


The war from within against our national security safeguards.

Freedom Center Launches ‘Jew Hatred on Campus’ Campaign


Announcing the ten most anti-Semitic campuses in the U.S.

Does Obama Love America or Islam?

Barack Obama

Can we question the patriotism of a man who frees terrorists?

Bill Whittle: Brass Tacks on Immigration

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 10.14.47 PM

A Truth Revolt video.