Kicking the PLO Habit

Why the lives of Israelis and Palestinians will only get worse with the successors of Arafat in power.

Analyzing the Oklahoma Beheading Crime Scene


Why the gruesome incident will inspire more jihadists.

Repubs to Dems: “Please Like Us – We’re Just Like You!”


An ad campaign backfires.

Save the Environment from the Socialists


Warmunists are creating droughts and floods.

What the Arab World Produces


And how the world suffers the consequences.

Will the West Defend Itself?


ISIS can be defeated — if we have the will to do it.

Allah Made Me Do It


Just another “nothing to do with Islam” atrocity.

The Oklahoma Beheading: More ‘Workplace Violence’?

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 10.24.09 PM

The Obama Administration misrepresents another jihad terror attack.

Bill Whittle: Socialism —- The Loch Ness Monster of Politics

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 9.24.31 PM

A Truth Revolt video.

Turkey: The Jihadists’ Fifth Column in NATO?


The new passageway of ISIS terrorists into Syria.