It’s Dictators All the Way Down

U.S. President Barack Obama attends the plenary session of the 21st ASEAN and East Asia summits in Phnom Penh

Obama’s new beginning in Egypt has the same old ending.

Worker Freedom Comes to Michigan?

Right To Work Michigan

Unions launch last-ditch effort against right to work plan.

Ed Asner’s ‘Occupy’ Attack on the Rich


More hypocrisy and lies from the celebrity 1%.

The Democrats and Big Money


Democrats’ professed moral scruples about corporate money have never prevented them from using it.

Egypt’s Torturer-in-Chief Headed to Washington

Picture 34

Obama fulfills promise to host Morsi even after Muslim Brotherhood savagery is exposed.

3,000 Foreign Jihadis to Terrorize Egyptian Opposition?


Terrorists will reportedly begin flooding the country in a matter of days.

Israel-Bashing CSU Prof to Fight Anti-Semitism?


Why is an infamous anti-Israel activist coming to rescue pro-Israel students from discrimination?

Women’s Studies and the Spread of Man-Hatred


A demo at the University of Toronto displays the fruits of academic feminism.

If You Build It, They Won’t Come


How to make Israel’s field of dreams real.

Banning ‘Choose Life’ License Plates to Protect Free Speech?


Why the North Carolina court got it wrong.