Obama Election Manipulation in Swing State Ohio


Activist judge hands down a ruling that gives a huge advantage to the Democratic Party.

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How to Write About the Republican National Convention


A guide for the lazy mainstream media.

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A Tale of Two Rabbis


Two very different rabbis walk into two very different conventions.

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Paul Ryan Was Right on Obama’s GM Plant Abandonment


Plant closing demonstrates the president will say anything to get elected.

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Muslim Victim Chic


Fashionable Islamic artists enjoy America’s luxuries while promoting hatred of the country at the same time.

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War on Students: Chicago Teachers Union to Strike


Any academic instruction during the mayhem is prohibited by law.

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An Islamist at the DNC, Part II — on The Darwish Gang

Dwight Schultz, Amani Mustafa and Pastor Reza Safa mix it up on Frontpage’s television show.

What to Expect at the Democratic Convention


The Left offers an outmoded platform only the walking dead could follow.

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Go Ahead, Make Romney’s Day


Clint Eastwood brings the Colt.

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Another Radical Obama Nominee


Why is a potential presidential appointee sending her children to a Marxist indoctrination camp?

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