BDS Conference at Penn Met My Worst Expectations


Prestigious university hosts jamboree of blood libels and anti-Semitism.

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The Cult of The Daily Kos and the Kool Aid of Political Correctness


When lunatics took over the asylum.

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Spinning the Obama-conomy


The dire economic facts the president and his allies are trying desperately to conceal.

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Iran Has Declared War Against Israel and the Jewish People


What the U.S. must now state unequivocally.

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Egyptian Presidential Candidate Says No Freedom in Islam


The only people who believe Muslims have personal freedom “have no understanding of Sharia.”

Green Evangelicals ‘Masquerade’ New EPA Rule as ‘Pro-Life’

EEN Logo.jpg

The Left turns its art of exploitation in a new sinister direction.

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Iran and Obama’s Delaying Game


Treating the Islamic Republic like a Chicago neighborhood waiting to be engaged is a recipe for disaster.

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Eric Allen Bell and Robert Spencer on The Jamie Glazov Show


Two culture warriors shed light on Islamic Jihad — and its progressive abettors on our soil.

Al-Qaeda Throws Lot in with Syrian Rebels


Conflict pits the Assad regime, Iran and Hezbollah against the Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda and Arab states.

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A Tale of Two Wars


Why Washington needs the Syrian war to happen — and the conflict with Iran not to happen.

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