Why Obama Should Speak Out Against Religious Persecution


The president’s words would have a powerful impact, especially among our “friends and allies.”

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Muslim Brotherhood and Obama: Partners In Taqiyya


How the administration is spreading the deceitful message of Egyptian Islamists.

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Understanding the Islam in Muslim Jew-Hatred, Part II


Scholar Andrew Bostom discusses Islam’s nexus with Nazism.

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Madison Rising on The Jamie Glazov Show


Dave Bray, the lead singer of the new openly conservative rock band, joins Frontpage’s radio program.

Schools of Education: The Academic Slums


Why the failing education system is directly related to left-wing orthodoxy infecting teaching colleges.

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Newt’s Big Night


The race heads to Florida — and toward uncharted waters.

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Muslim Hate Groups


A new Freedom Center pamphlet sheds light on the dark undercurrent of anti-Semitism which flows unobstructed on our campuses.

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The Most Dangerous Place to be an Atheist


But the real question is: where do its boundaries end?

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How Marxism Killed Keystone


The real agenda lurking in Obama’s environmentalism.

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Violent Jihadist Video Riles Norway


Will the Islam-coddling country finally come to its senses?

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