Madison Rising on The Jamie Glazov Show

Dave Bray, the lead singer of the new openly conservative rock band, joins Frontpage’s radio program.

Dissent From The Majority: Obama’s Tax Proposal A Good Idea


I’m going to dissent from the majority and from our Frontpage article on Obama’s State of the Union address.

Fighting Back Against Lawfare


Human-rights attorney and activist Brooke Goldstein coming to speak at the Philadelphia Chapter of the Freedom Center.

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Soros’s ‘Glee’ Over OWS Violence


“It’s already started.”

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Ohio State Students Mobilize Against Freedom Center Ad


Attempts at censorship begin after The Lantern publishes ad revealing the Muslim Student Association’s link to terror.

Obama’s State of the Campaign Address


“Unions, environmentalists, teachers, Hispanic immigrants, women, I’m your president.”

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Weaponizing the Passenger Plane


Changing the world one hijacked plane at a time.

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The CBC’s Propaganda War


A damning expose reveals how much Canadian state-run media leaves on the cutting room floor.

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Obama’s Green Robber Barons


Fat cat Democratic cronies receive more than their “fair share” of tax payer millions — with no end in sight.

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Running as a Moderate: A Losing Proposition for Republicans


Crystallizing the winning formula in America today.

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