Middle East Spirals Out of Control


Almost four years of foreign policy repudiated.

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The Hip-Hop President


The nation’s existential crises take second place to frivolous campaign stops.

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Diagnosing the Nightmare in the Middle East — on The Glazov Gang


Dwight Schultz, Tommi Trudeau and Leon Weinstein illuminate how an administration spawned a catastrophe.

Inside the Chicago Teachers Union Strike


Teachers respond to questions about their already high salaries and why they reject merit pay.

Britain Remembers Its ‘Finest Hour’


Ugandan-born Archbishop of York displays touching patriotism.

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Time to Hold Congress Accountable for Debt Quagmire


Blaming presidents lets the real culprits get away.

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Christopher Stevens: Devoured by a Monster He Helped Create


After aiding the Libyan jihadists, an American diplomat ends up being tortured and murdered by them.

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Islamist Atrocities and Double Standards


The Obama administration continues to show its sympathies for infidel self-censorship.

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Attacks on U.S. Embassies Were Not About a Movie


The perils of pretending that acts of war are about a film.

New York Times Re-Writes 9/11 History


Papering over Clinton’s eight years of counter-terrorism failure.

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