The Olympic Spirit and the Islamic Spirit


How fear of terrorism became as much a part of the games as symbols of torches and rings.

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The Left Can’t Bring Itself to Celebrate America


Refuting the hate-America rhetoric.

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The Path Less Chosen — on The Glazov Gang

Three Iranian freedom fighters share why they entered the battle zone against a vicious tyranny.

Taking Sweden Back


A former journalist exposes the culture of silence in the “New Sweden” — a country that now leads the world in rapes.

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Obama-Backed UN Gun Control Treaty on Its Way


Americans’ Second Amendment rights are at risk.

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A Gypsy Fiasco in Oslo


Multiculturalist establishment creates yet another fine mess.

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Obama’s Interior Department Still Going Rogue


The latest crackdown on oil excavation will keep our most promising resources locked away for decades.

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Sodomy For Islam — on The Jamie Glazov Show, Tuesday, July 17, 2012, 8-9 pm Pacific


Terror expert Raymond Ibrahim takes your calls for the full hour about a recent — and peculiar — Islamic fatwa.

Obama Misleads Israel on Egypt


The president goes back on his promises.

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Hillary Clinton Blesses the Brotherhood


The Secretary of State pledges U.S. help to make Egypt’s Sharia regime a “success.”

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