The Last Chance to Stop Iran’s Nuclear Quest?


Expect strikes against Arab countries and even the West as the regime grapples with sanctions.

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America After ObamaCare


Tipping point or turning point?

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Robert Fisk Demonizes Mideast’s Persecuted Christians


British journalist paints victims of Islamic cruelty as the bad guys.

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Arab Sudan Feels the Pain of Oil Embargo


The new nation of South Sudan takes bold steps against its tormentors — but can it work?

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Redemption After Escape From Sharia — on The Glazov Gang


Amani Mustafa, Anni Cyrus and Nonie Darwish share their new lives after breaking free from Islam.

The Only Real Revolution


What if the founders of the American Revolution could see our government today?

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“I Am Neda” — on The Jamie Glazov Show

Nicole Kian Sadighi, director of an award-winning movie about an Iranian martyr, joins Frontpage’s radio show for the full hour.

The Mystery of the Missing Palestinian ‘Refugee’ Monument


A PLO propaganda tour kicks off in Germany.

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Eric Allen Bell on Fox & Friends, Part II

Filmmaker shares how his eyes were opened while making a documentary in support of the Tennessee Mega Mosque.

Remembering Entebbe


Famous Israeli rescue mission stands as a model of victory.

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