Eric Hoffer and Israel


The blue-collar intellectual who stood athwart the intelligentsia’s about-face on Israel.

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A Day in the Life of Sharia


The savage and barbaric torture of Afghan women continues under Islamic law in Afghanistan.

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The Moronic World of Occupy Copenhagen


A video interview with spokeswoman Rysle Dyre.

Showdown 2012 — on The Jamie Glazov Show

Russian scientist and leading “reluctant” dissident Igor Melcuk deciphers the crises and threats on the horizon in the year ahead.

The Arab Spring: An Obituary


On this one year anniversary, let’s be honest about what to call a movement that brings Islamists to power.

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Presidential Campaign Moves to New Hampshire


How Michele Bachmann’s bow-out will shake up the race.

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The Genocide Doctrine


Dressing up wars that our leaders wanted to wage anyway.

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Russia’s Democratic Winter


An emerging national protest movement poses a direct challenge to Putin’s one-man rule.

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Doing As the Romans Do


Even a failing government can’t stop the human spirit.

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How Regulations Work: Ready, Fire, Aim!


Why too many regulations make us less, not more, safe.

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