Why It’s “Passé” to Discuss Collectivism — on The Brewster Gang


Nonie Darwish, Susanne Reyto and Shari Goodman mix it up on Frontpage’s television show.

Scandinavia: The Liberal Anti-Semitic Sanctuary


An old, familiar hatred has merely undergone a makeover.

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The Return of the Mahdi — on The Jamie Glazov Show


Who is the Islamic messiah — that large percentages of the world’s Muslims believe is coming soon?

Obama’s Nuclear Strike on American Workers


The disastrous impact of the president’s amnesty policy begins.

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Death of Democracy in Egypt — and Silence in Washington


The Brotherhood consolidates power and the U.S. administration turns a blind eye.

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Racial Coding and the ‘Otherization’ of Obama


The Left deals from a deck full of race cards.

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Will Hollywood Riot for Pussy Riot?


It’s harder when the problem isn’t the U.S.

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Bin Laden Bodyguard Discovered in Germany


Active jihadist agent has been operating freely and converting others to the cause.

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What to Do Now About Iran


Israel’s remaining options.

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Unprecedented Sharia Enforcement by City Governments


Pamela Geller’s new ad campaign leads public officials and the media to desperately try to surrender to Islamic Law.

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