The EMP Death Ray


Ignoring Iran’s intentions can be fatal.

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South Sudan, Israel’s New Ally


A long time in the making.

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Showdown 2012 — on The Jamie Glazov Show

Russian scientist and leading “reluctant” dissident Igor Melcuk deciphers the crises and threats on the horizon in the year ahead.

Ron Paul’s Soros Defense Plan


Putting Soros’s experts in charge of dismantling the US military.

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2012: Crisis and Opportunity Await


The crucial mindset conservatives need to embrace this year.

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Iran Flexes Its Muscles


It will be a very lucky year if 2012 passes without a major confrontation.

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Staten Island Jihadist Blows Lid Off Plotter Network


Including some in mosques – will this end PC anti-terror efforts?

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The Power of the New KGB


An exclusive interview with one of the most respected figures in the Russian dissident movement, Vladimir Bukovsky.

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Why I Love Greed


What other human motivation gets the most wonderful things done?

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Is the West Doomed?


What hope is there for a world in which one in three Britons think Winston Churchill was a fictional character?

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