Radicals’ Plans for GOP Convention Not Dampened


Hackers, demonstrators, aim for mayhem.

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To Hell in a Handbasket: Carter, Obama, and the “Arab Spring”


When U.S. presidents believe that the way to an enemy’s heart is through appeasement.

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A Personal Face to the Father of Modern Zionism


New film presents a captivating account of a man who changed the course of Jewish history, Theodor Herzl.

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Rage Against Western Everything — on The Brewster Gang

Susan Olsen, Dwight Schultz and Susanne Reyto mix it up on Frontpage’s television show.

A Disturbing Event: The American Conservative Union Embraces an Islamist


Unsettling questions about Grover Norquist and Suhail Khan, and a recent decision of the ACU Board.

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The Victims’ Revolution


Bruce Bawer’s new book sheds disturbing light on the rise of “Identity Studies” and the closing of the liberal mind.

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The Left’s Version of ‘Legitimate Rape’


Is what Todd Akin said worse than aiding actual rapists like so many in the Democratic Party have done?

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Israel Faces the Cynical World


The Left’s readiness to rub elbows with anti-Semites reaches critical levels.

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The Threat of Sharia and the Leadership of America’s Two Parties


Do we have the will to protect American citizens from the application of foreign laws?

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Standing Up for Independent Journalists and Free Speech


Will Democrats put Americans’ interests over the interests of their law industry funders?

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