Fleeing Public Schools


Declining enrollment foreshadows a brighter future for America’s youth.

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The Great Muslim Cover-Up


Covering up women and the truth about Islam.

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Islamic Center Must Violate Our Laws in Order to Have Religious Freedom


Liberty is paid for in installments, by each generation. Now is our time.

Romney’s Crucial VP Choice — on The Glazov Gang

Leftist activist Brandelynn Turner confronts Dwight Schultz and Rob Nelson — and mayhem ensues.

Peter Beinart and the ‘Open Zion’ Fringe


A viewpoint that has virtually zero acceptance in Israel.

Recruiting Young Evangelicals for Climate Activism


Religious Left rallies to keep the world’s poorest mired in poverty.

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The Great Betrayal: Obama’s Wars and the War in Iraq — on The Jamie Glazov Show

Shillman Fellow Daniel Greenfield discusses his new pamphlet with callers for the full hour.

Obama’s Leaks and Their Catastrophic Consequences


How long before someone pays the ultimate price?

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White Girl Bleed a Lot


Author Colin Flaherty discusses the return of racial violence and how the media ignores it.

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Obama’s New Islamic World Order


Destroying allies, empowering Islamists.

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