Religious Left Pushes for Arms Trade Treaty


Pacifist churches demand crippling law-abiding countries while the lawless pursue arms at will.

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The Real ‘War on Women’


What the “gender pay gap” canard distracts from.

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Time for Israel Supporters to Fight Back


A new initiative seeks to fight fire with fire.

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The Four Lies About the Economy That Obama Needs Voters to Believe


The issues the 2012 election turns on.

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‘United in Hate’ Author Featured on GBTV

Frontpage editor Jamie Glazov joins terror expert Eric Stakelbeck to crystallize the Left’s dance with Islamic jihad.

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Don’t Let America Imitate a Burning EU


Flames rise higher while even supporters of the supranational organization see a bleak future.

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Video of Glenn Beck at the Philadelphia Freedom Center

Conservative titan is honored with the Patrick Henry Award in the City of Brotherly Love.

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The Fat Nanny State


The origins of Bloomberg’s war on soda.

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Democratic Cannibals


The feeding frenzy of leftists devouring leftists after Wisconsin loss is just in bad taste.

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Queen Elizabeth: A Bridge Between Greatness and Decline


Why cheering a vestige of its once noble past may be good for Britain.

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