Releasing Terrorists for Peace


Obama administration believes repatriating five of the worst Taliban operatives will make the extremist group reconsider jihad.

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The Real State of the Union


What Mitch Daniels should have said.

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Conservatives Need to Make the Case for Freedom


Why the Left’s agenda for the country fails not just on its merits but on its morals as well.

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The Muslims Next Door


A community-wide reading program whitewashes Islam.

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Brave New Technology


High courts find themselves dealing with a flood of cases pitting privacy against technology.

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Changing Iran: The Power of One


A Canadian-Iranian freedom fighter’s amazing struggle proves individuals can make great gains for human rights.

Muslim Hate Groups on Campus

A new Freedom Center pamphlet exposes the jihadist agendas of the Muslim Students Association and Students for Justice in Palestine.

Obama’s Rules for Revolution: The Alinsky Model


A Freedom Center pamphlet reveals why Gingrich recently referred to Obama as a “Saul Alinsky radical.”

James Rosen’s Strange Exoneration of Saul Alinsky


A Fox News online contributor tries to whitewash a radical’s destructive influence on an American president.

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WBNS 10TV Reports on Ohio State Students Mobilizing Against Freedom Center Ad


Attempts at censorship continue after The Lantern publishes ad revealing the Muslim Student Association’s link to terror.