Decrying Imaginary Racism


The Left’s destructive lies about the criminal-justice system’s alleged inequities.

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74 Anti-Israel Democrats


They’re only the tip of the iceberg.

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Coalition of Leftist Groups to Disrupt ‘Islamic Apartheid Conference’


Leftist and Islamic groups defame experts on Islam, attack free speech.

The Democrats’ Racist Gun Control History


And the NRA’s proud record of fighting the party of the KKK.

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Israel, Palestinians and Water Libel


While Palestinians blame Israel for stealing water, the facts tell a much different tale.

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Cheering Black Radical Killers


For leftists, “innocent until proven guilty” is a luxury reserved only for themselves.

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The Motives of Al Sharpton — on The Glazov Gang


Dwight Schultz, Georgette Gelbard and Tommi Trudeau mix it up on Frontpage’s television show.

Anti-Israel Christians Pray for Divestment


Left-wing churches fight for boycotting the Jewish State.

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Disqualifications Roil Egyptian Election


But the Muslim Brotherhood has a back-up plan.

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Obama’s Oil Ploy

The administration’s crackdown on speculators is a triumph of politics over energy policy.

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