I’m Bin Laden and I Approve This Message


Captured documents reveal al-Qaeda’s plan to exploit American media.

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A Tale of Two Courtrooms


Are the New York Post and the NY Times covering the same Guantanamo Bay trial?

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Anti-Semitism Is Racism


It’s progressive to hate Jews.

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Raymond Ibrahim on The Blaze


Freedom Center’s Shillman Journalism fellow discusses the lack of religious freedom outside of the West.

Watch What You Say About Islam — on The Glazov Gang

Fireworks break out between Tommi Trudeau, Rob Nelson and Nonie Darwish on Frontpage’s weekly television show.

Obama’s Curious Support for Palestinian Statehood


Turning a blind eye to ruthless repression.

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The Fate of Our POWs From The Korean War


The infuriating and tragic tale told by 92,000 declassified documents.

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The Suffering Student


The problem with education today.

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Voter Fraud Facts and Fiction


Separating the manufactured scares from reality.

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Did Muhammad Exist? — on the Jamie Glazov Show

Robert Spencer discusses his new book and engages callers for the full hour.