Something Rotten in Norway


There’s more than a casual link between the Utoya youth camp and Palestinian terrorism.

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Who Are the Libyan Rebels?


Troubling questions in light of the assassination of the chief Libyan rebel commander.

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Obama’s Exclusive George Soros Waivers


Not all billionaires have to pay their fair share.

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The Religious Left’s Photo-Op Martyrdom


Social justice sermonizers “sacrifice their bodies” for the welfare state.

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Terrorists and Double Standards


The New York Times’ peculiar handling of Nidal Hassan and Anders Breivik.

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How to Fix the Economy, Democrat Style


The two basic concepts leftists always ignore when applying “solutions” to the economy.

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Obama, Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood


How the president is helping two of the most ruthless and radical Islamic terrorist forces in the world.

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Fanaticism, Mass Murder and the Left


Diagnosing the modern secular Inquisition.

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Force Obama Not to Vote Present


The president is trying to get off easy for his spending addiction — the Congress shouldn’t let him.

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Fort Hood II Foiled


Awlaki inspires another homegrown terror plot.

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