The Islamic Paradise of the Needle and Powder


Muslim fanaticism — and terror financing — has everything to do with its drug-centered culture.

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Jihad Denial in New York


New York Times and Hamas-linked CAIR vs. the Truth.

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Fair Is So Unfair


President Obama as the detached arbiter of economic justice.

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‘Peace Now’ Faults Israel For Palestinians’ Genocidal Urges


Yet another shameful display by a deplorable organization.

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The Uncertain Fate of Syria’s Chemical Weapons


If the Assad regime falls…..

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Obama’s Stale State Of Denial Speech


The president has selective memory on his own record.

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Answering Obama’s Israel Lies


The truth behind the president’s dishonest video extolling his “bond” with the Jewish State.

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Jerusalem: More Than Just a City


A symbol of hope for humanity.

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Madison Rising on The Jamie Glazov Show

Dave Bray, the lead singer of the new openly conservative rock band, joins Frontpage’s radio program.

Dissent From The Majority: Obama’s Tax Proposal A Good Idea


I’m going to dissent from the majority and from our Frontpage article on Obama’s State of the Union address.