Port Huron at 50: Still Communist After All These Years


An NYU conference celebrates the founding document of the sixties-era radical left.

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Olbermann Versus Gore


Two leftist icons butt heads.

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The Arrest of George Zimmerman: Justice or Politics?


What substance does the prosecutor’s affidavit of “probable cause” actually contain?

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Why the Left Abadoned Shaima Alawadi — on The Glazov Gang


Dwight Schultz, Georgette Gelbard and Tommi Trudeau shed light on why “progressives” suddenly lost interest in a murdered Muslim woman.

Iran’s Best Defense


An American president does all he can to shield Iran from Israel.

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Media Reveal the Muslim Brotherhood’s True Face


Islamists call for “United Arab States” with Jerusalem as its capital and for the supremacy of Sharia.

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Obama Administration Takes On Westchester


The federal government plans to “fix” the fact that not enough low-income people live in the up-scale county.

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Whither the Quartet?


How the “roadmap” to peace lead to a brick wall.

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On Ozzie Guillen, Fidel Castro, and Baseball in Cuba


Would the Florida Marlins manager consider managing the Cuban national baseball team?

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The Devil We Don’t Know — on The Jamie Glazov Show, Tuesday, April 17, 8pm Pacific


Nonie Darwish coming on Frontpage’s radio show to discuss her new book and to take your calls for the full hour.