College Unveils Plan for Mixed-Sex Dorm Rooms; No Possible Way This Could Go Wrong

Naturally, OU’s administrators see absolutely no way that turning dormitories full of hormonal, emotionally immature kids barely out of high school into school-sanctioned love shacks can go wrong.

Are Guardian editors guilty of criminal conspiracy?

The Guardian’s deep involvement with WikiLeaks, and its founder Julian Assange, has shown the paper and its editors in all their hubris, possessing, at the very least, a palpable indifference to U.S. and British national security and the potential ramifications of revealing classified state secrets.

NASA’s Climate Guru James Hansen Says China Should Lead Economic Boycott of US

James Hansen of NASA is not just any global warming Moonbat, he is Al Gore’s official global warming Moonbat. It was Hansen’s data that was used in Gore’s Oscar/Peace prize winning film.

“Hateful, Catty Bitch” At Your Service

Perhaps Terry Krepel of Media Matters didn’t get the lefty talking points about civility before he decided to call a NewsReal blogger the “b” word. Megan Fox responds to his misogynist attack.

“Just an Entertainer”: Bill O’Reilly Gives Bill Maher A Free Pass to Give America the Finger

Would-be comedian and commentator Bill Maher decided to close out this season’s premiere of Real Time with his tiresome rant against the Tea Party – or, as he likes to call them, the “teabaggers.” Maher, a Leftist windbag, once again is giving the finger to the American people and to our Constitution – a trait [...]

Southland: TV’s Most Politically Incorrect Show?

Southland may very well be the most politically incorrect show on TV. Here’s why.

Helen Thomas Whines About Israel, And CNN’s Soledad O’Brien Lets Her Off The Hook

Will Somebody teach Soledad O’Brien how to interview?  Last night on CNN’s “Situation Room.” Helen Thomas, who was unceremoniously booted from her Hearst Job and the White House briefing room last year for telling Jews to “get the hell out of Palestine” and go back to Germany and Poland, railed against what she viewed as [...]

“Twilight” Starlet Kristen Stewart Models How the Rich Serve Society

Though most recognizable for the role of Bella Swan in the ridiculously popular Twilight movies, it was another role which motivated red hot starlet Kristen Stewart toward philanthropy. …the 20-year-old reveals her secret similarity to Charlie Sheen: she’s going to spend a fortune on hookers this year. After researching teen sex workers for her role [...]

Ms. Magazine Declares Jihad on Miss America’s Subjugation of Women, Remains Silent on Islamic Misogyny

Left-wing feminists are hot-flashing in anger over the Miss America pageant. When will these narcissists put the same passion into fighting Islamic misogyny?

When “civil rights” means civil wrongs

This article was originally published by Salon on September 15, 1997. During the darkest days of the Cold War, the Italian writer Ignazio Silone predicted the final struggle of that conflict would be between the communist believers and the ex-believers. A similar conflict seems to be shaping up among civil rights activists, as affirmative action undergoes [...]