The Top 10 Most Conservative Episodes of “The Outer Limits”

Awe and Mystery

“Gender Neutral” Passports Reduce “Mother” and “Father” to Equivalent of “Thing One” and “Thing Two”

Gender neutral parents? In an attempt to spare gay couples from “feeling like the government doesn’t recognize their family” all parents have been reduced to a genderless number.

A Spoiled Generation?

Has the incredible prosperity our generation grew up with made us into a “silver spoon in our mouth generation”?

Douglas Rushkoff’s “Life Inc.” Now in Paperback: Capitalism Yes, Corporations No

A compelling book that Tea Partiers need to read is now out in paperback.

Ignore the Violent Rhetoric of the Man in Front of the Camera: Meltdown with Keith Olbermann, Part 60

Why is it that MSNBC has not posted its shows’ transcripts since the Tucson shootings?

Dick Morris’s Dangerous Illusion: Obama’s Going to Be Like Clinton and Move to the Center to Get Reelected

The political operative behind Clinton’s success makes a serious error when he doesn’t realize that the Radical-In-Chief is very different than his old boss.

‘The President’s Analyst’ (1967): When America’s biggest enemy was… the phone company?

I’ve told you before about my mixed feelings regarding Trailers from Hell. As a fan of crappy cult films, I look forward to their weekly selection of old movie trailers, which feature commentaries by established directors and other industry insiders. What I hate is the kneejerk leftism that permeates those commentaries. (For a particularly egregious [...]

Gold, Financial Illiteracy, and Amanda Marcotte

About a week ago Amanda Marcotte wrote a rambling screed against people who want to go back to the gold standard. It consisted largely of different variations on the pejorative “teabagger” and some references to the Bible that tell us more about Marcotte than anything else.

Bill Maher Rewrites and Ignores History to Pit the Founding Fathers Against the Tea Party

Left-wing satirist Bill Maher is taking his hatred of the Tea Party movement to the next level. Evidently epithets like crazy, stupid, and racist no longer satisfy him, and he’s decided it’s time to hit “teabaggers” where it really hurts: by mocking their reverence for America’s Founding Fathers, suggesting the Founders’ values aren’t their own.

This Is What You Can Do With Your ‘Civility’!

Fortunately, the leftist smear that Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, “Bushitler,” the March of Dimes, international bankers, Israel, and Winnie the Pooh created the “climate of hate” that somehow drove a severely mentally ill, largely apolitical man to shoot up a townhall meeting in Tucson on January 8 seems to be dying out.