9/11 Ten Years Later

ten years later-cover

In his important pamphlet, 9-11 Ten Years Later, Mark Theissen asks the critical questions. Are we still safe? Have the important safeguards that the Bush administration put in place after the attack still there to keep us safe? Has President Obama made us made us more vulnerable to another attack?

Jewish Enablers


Jewish Enablers of the War Against Israel investigates a seemingly bizarre phenomenon: anti-Israel Jews serving as a vanguard from the new wave of anti-Semitism on American and European university campuses.

From Shadow Party to Shadow Government


From Shadow Party to Shadow Government tells the story of George Soros’ 20 year effort to take control of the Democratic Party; to elect a handpicked candidate, Barak Obama, as president; and to design an agenda of radical social change for the Obama White House. From Shadow Party to Shadow Government connects the dots and shows how the machine George Soros built is now simultaneously working to take over the politics of key battleground states that will determine the outcomes of future presidential elections and also setting the agenda for the Obama administration’s effort to change the face of America.

Muslim Persecution of Christians


The popular image of the Crusades is of Christian warriors terrorizing and subjugating non-Christians. In the eyes of many radical Muslims and their Western allies, these Crusades are still going on in the new form of American “imperialism.” Muslim Persecution of Christians documents the falsification of history that justifies this view.

Obama and Islam


Obama and Islam explores President Barack Obama’s relationship with Islam, his own Muslim background, his eagerness to reach out to Jihad Terrorists and the disastrous consequences these could all bring to America’s foreign policy.

Breaking the System


America’s economic condition is grave. Toxic bailouts, trillion-dollar stimulus packages and expansion of entitlement programs have resulted in a flood of unsustainable debt, threatening our future. Is Barack Obama an innocent prisoner of problems he inherited on taking office?