Support for Anti-Semites on Campus

The American Association of University Professors’ latest newsletter features an attack by AAUP President Cary Neslon and the president of the American Jewish Committee, Kenneth Stern on Jewish students defending themselves from anti-Semitic attacks by seeking the protections of Title VI legislation.

The Jerusalem Terrorist Attack in Perspective: It’s Not Just the Palestinians Who Need to Recognize Israel

“I would ask them, if the Jewish state is fundamentally illegitimate in your eyes, that you’re never willing to accept its legitimacy, what sort of peace are you offering me?”

The Left Doesn’t Get Palin’s ‘No Apologies’ Tour in Israel

While the official faces of Left-Wing America are walking the tight-rope over to the dark side of the anti-Israel movement, Sarah Palin is making the Star of David a fashion statement for which she refuses to apologize. Last week, Glenn Beck outlined the litany of anti-Israel comments and actions taken by President Obama and his Administration over the […]

Pink Floyd Rocker Roger Waters Shows his Hypocrisy with Israel “Boycott”

Everyone knows that Israel is currently threatened by terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah — both supported by the virulently anti-Israel Iranian regime. But what many do not know is that Israel is also under attack in a cultural war which seeks to destroy her by way of boycotts and divestments. The freest state […]

Standing ‘Shoulder to Shoulder’ with Our Enemies

“It’s great to be #shoulder2shoulder with groups like the @ISNAHQ,” The Religious Action Center (RAC), the Leftist political arm of the Union for Reform Judaism, tweeted last night.

Israeli Apartheid Week: Political Theater at Its Worst

The hate-fest against the Jewish State begins in 55 cities around the world….

Israel Will Cave to International Pressure: A Page from the Left’s Revolutionary Playbook

Forget Glenn Beck. The Conspiracy Theory Award of the Week goes to Carlo Strenger (residing psych chief of the ward that is Ha’aretz) for reminding us no less than three times in the span of 792 words that Israel’s new enemy is INTERNATIONAL PRESSURE.

Roger Cohen’s Hypocrisy

Cohen’s thinking is simple: Western-backed authoritarian governments=bad. Iranian-backed Islamist authoritarian governments=good.

ICYMI: Today’s Roundup

News on Israel and the Jewish community from around the world.

Detached from Reality

And you thought Shimon Peres was our only politician who is detached from reality…. Defense Minister Ehud Barak told the Wall Street Journal on Monday that Israel may seek another $20 billion in assistance from the United States to cope with the fallout from the democratization of Arab countries that’s currently going on in the Middle East.