The Daily Pennsylvanian :: Ruben Gur | BDS is ‘hateful’, ‘discriminatory’

I read with amazement the Guest Column by Penn BDS Conference organizers, “BDS Explained” I could barely believe my eyes. It is bad enough that Penn has allowed itself to be associated with this hateful genocidal organization, but for you to give room for their “explanation” and then dignify this outpouring of misinformation and anti-Semitism […]

Attack on Gilad Sharon at Suffolk University Caught on C-Span

Prof. Barry Brown, Acting President Suffolk University Dear Prof. Brown: I saw Gilad Sharon on C-Span’s BookTV.  It had been taped at Suffolk University’s Ford Hill Forum on October 27, 2011 and aired on November 5th and 6th.  He was there to discuss the new book, Sharon: The Life of a Leader by His Son.  […]

GBTV Video Feature on our Spring Campus Campaign

SE Cupp from Glenn Beck’s GBTV program interviewed two of the student leaders we worked with last Spring in addition to David Horowitz about the “Wall of Lies” campaign.  We’ll be putting more walls up this Spring on more campuses across the country to combat the genocidal lies being told by anti-Israel hate groups like […]

Occupy Oakland’s Mayhem and Destruction | FrontPage Magazine

    The Occupy Oakland protests that degenerated into violent mob action on Wednesday night and early Thursday morning were entirely predictable. The vandalism, the graffiti, and the spasm of violence that resulted in an attack on police who were trying to roust at least 200 demonstrators who had occupied an abandoned building was the […]

The Daily Pennsylvanian: Occupy Wall Street solidarity statement

Editor’s Note: The following statement signed by dozens of faculty from the University of Pennsylvania was printed in the Daily Pennsylvanian. Dozens of Penn professors express their support for the Occupy Wall Street protests· October 11, 2011, 11:57 pmShare This 10 More coverageTopics: Occupy PhiladelphiaAs faculty members at the University of Pennsylvania, we wish to […]

NCJA ACTION ALERT: Columbia U Event to Feature Hate Rapper

The National Conference on Jewish Affairs NCJA ACTION ALERT: Columbia U Event to Feature Hate Rapper – October 14-16 Event  BACKGROUND: On the weekend of October 14-16, 2011,  ”Students for Justice in Palestine” (SJP), which unfortunately has chapters at dozens of major American universities, will be holding a three-day event at Columbia University to train students […]

Israel Law Center hotline t… JPost – Jewish World – Jewish News

Israel Law Center hotline to monitor campus anti-Semitism By JOANNA PARASZCZUK 10/16/2011 17:25 Hotline could provide evidence for legal action against colleges deemed to have failed to protect Jewish students, Law Center attorneys say.   The Israel Law Center (Shurat Hadin) is set to launch a hotline on Monday, to help Jewish college students who […]

Free Speech Victory at UC Santa Barbara | FrontPage Magazine

    Last spring, UCSB’s Associated Students Finance Board denied a funding request made by the College Republicans to host David Horowitz​, president of the Freedom Center. This denial was the product of viewpoint discrimination and is illegal due to Supreme Court rulings on the First Amendment that prohibit political discrimination in the distribution of […]

The Defense Contractors of Islam | FrontPage Magazine

    One of the more peculiar twists in the caliphate’s tale is that a sizable amount of the funding for Islamic propaganda aimed at Americans comes from Muslim-owned defense contractors. Sabtech Industries recently made the news when it lost its security clearance after some suspicious donations to Muslim charities cost its president, Rahim Sabadia, […]

Facing Down Anti-Semitism on Campus

Facing Down Anti-Semitism on Campus Posted by Herbert London At long last an attempt is bring made to curtail blatant anti-Semitic commentary on American campuses. The Israel Law Center warns that colleges and universities “may be liable for massive damage” if they fail to prevent anti-Semitism. The center sent hundreds of letters to university presidents […]