Yes, Elite Colleges Are Biased Against Poor Whites

Another blow against “affirmative action” policies.

Victory for Academic Freedom: ‘Human Heredity’ Professor Receives $100,000 Settlement

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What Now After CLS

How will the Supreme Court’s ruling in Christian Legal Society v. Martinez affect campus policy?

CLS v. Martinez: A Curious and Mistaken Decision

The Supreme Court rules against the free association rights of Christian students.

Two Terrorists Involved in 1974 Bombing Paid to Speak at Pitt

Public universities often sponsor visits from political figures on both the left and right. But paying known terrorists to speak — as Pitt did last month — what message does that send?

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Arizona Ethnic Studies Exposed

Students in Arizona get schooled in Marxism.

Islamic Jew-hatred isn’t just on UK campuses.

America’s got it too.

Left, Right and Wrong

A recent exchange at UCSD illustrates the reaction of those who stick to a well-rehearsed script on issues rather than thinking.