ISIS: We Thank Allah for Letting Us Rape Non-Muslim Women


“I prostrated to Allah in gratitude on the day the first slave-girl entered our home.”

Somali Muslim in Minnesota Who Joined ISIS Vowed to “Spit on America” at Border

Islamic State Americans Minnesota

We’re importing ISIS into America.

Obama Gave Amnesty to Child Molester “Papa Bear”


He’s a real Dreamer. His dream is little raping kids.

Clinton Foundation: We Just Found Another $26 Million We Forgot About


Come on, they’re only human. It happens to everyone.

Obama: If Israel Doesn’t Commit Suicide, I Can’t Protect It


Obama loves Israel to death.

Obama on Fall of Ramadi: “Hey, We’re Winning in Shiite Areas”

obama tan suit white house feed

Disavow responsibility, mention all the parts of Iraq not taken over by ISIS

Is the Wave of Racist Attacks in Union Square Related to #BlackLivesMatter?


“You should bow to me… You’ll all be dead by the end of the year.”

Why Are American Jews a Liberal Outlier?


Left-Wing Anti-Semitism is much more overt in Europe

Somali Muslim Settlers in Minnesota Financed ISIS Trip w/Student Loan Fraud


Our “investment” in them has just begun.

If We Tell the Truth About the Terrorists, the Terrorists Win


Only when we’ve defeated the truth will we win because no one will ever know we’ve actually lost.