Did ISIS Beheader’s Family Come to UK as Refugees?


Their Bidouin status might have qualified them as refugees

Plan to Liberate Mosul from ISIS Already a Dysfunctional Mess


We’re already reversing a plan that shouldn’t have been announced

Was Nemtsov Assassinated for Tracking Weapons Shipments into Ukraine?

by Dhārmikatva

Putin still wants the option of walking away from this conflict

Washington Post: Are ISIS Beheaders and Rapists Actually Victims?

justin moyer

You know those guys chopping off heads? What if they’re the victims.

ISIS Uses Psychologists to Pick its Terrorist Media Stars


“They know who to choose from the fighters and how to make them famous.”

Did Obama Threaten to Shoot Down Israeli Jets if it Hits Iran’s Nukes?

obama and netanyahu

“Obama then threatened to shoot down the Israeli jets before they could reach their targets in Iran.”

“Get Over Yourself”: UK TV Host to Islamophobia Whiner


“Your question is inherently Islamophobic and racist.”

30,000 Somali Settlers in Minnesota Stressing Welfare System


Armed Jihad may be cheaper than Welfare Jihad.

New York Times Whines that Scott Walker Hates the Media


“Oh, how we’re hated.”

Media Too Busy Manufacturing Scott Walker Attack Pieces to Fact Check Them


At least, unlike the New York Times, they got Walker’s name right