Islamist Turkey Says Recognizing Armenian Genocide is Islamophobic

You noticed our racism… you must be racist.

Ben Affleck Got PBS to Cover Up Slave-Owning Ancestor


So much for PBS’ integrity.

US Taxpayers Paying Muslims Who Don’t Want to be Terrorists to Carry Out Terrorist Attacks


US taxpayers are paying terrorists to kill Jews.

Ted Cruz Winning Over Orthodox Jews


Romney won over 90% in Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods.

Medical College Exam to Test Future Docs on Institutional Racism and White Privilege


“This is not science. [It’s] agenda-driven garbage,”

Russia Intercepts US Plane, Obama to File Complaint


I bet Putin is shaking in his boots.

Hillary Clinton Lies About Grandparents Being Immigrants


Hillary has a history of telling these strange lies.

Muslim Brotherhood Fan in Ohio Joined ISIS, Plotted to Kill US Soldiers

muslim brotherhood

This may be the first ‘official’ ISIS attack on the US.

Muslim “Refugees” to Europe Threw Christian Passengers Overboard

muslim interfaith

And when they are in Europe, they’ll kill more Christians and Jews

Queen of Denmark Outraged by Persecution of Jews, Calls for Opposition to Islam


“We are challenged in these years by Islam, both globally and locally”