Environmentalist Warns Flowers are Bad for the Environment

This flower is bad for the environment

Do you know what’s really bad for the environment? Environmentalists.

Cartoon Terrorist’s Stepmother: If You Have a Lot of Security Then What You’re Doing is Immoral


If you have a lot of security, it means that somebody is out to get you.

The Craziest Ways UK Lefties are Reacting to Conservative Win


The left makes sore winners, but it makes even worse losers.

Al Jazeera Bureau Chief in Pakistan Also Doubled as Al Qaeda Member

osama bin laden al jazeera

The Al Jazeera man who got so many exclusives from Al Qaeda was Al Qaeda

Muslim Invaders of Italy Protest Demanding Free WiFi

Free Stuff from Infidels Akbar!

Call it the WiFi Jihad.

Cartoon Terrorist’s Mosque also had Jihadist Who Plotted to Bomb Illinois Mall


One mosque. So many terrorists.

Armed Forces Radio in Gitmo No Longer Allowed to Offend Castro


I’m sure the official apology will be coming along soon enough.

How Long Would This Smelly Hippie Survive in the Cop-Free Zone He Wants?


Cops are the only thing keeping him alive

University of Minnesota Censors Already Censored Mohammed Cartoon


Finally, we’re as free as the people in the USSR were. We’re free to have the right views.

The USSR Didn’t Save the World from Hitler, It Allied w/Hitler


The left-wing historical revisionism of WW2 needs to go away