Former Clinton Official Thinks We Need to Appease North Korea All Over Again


Let’s do the same exact thing we did before and expect it to work out better.

Is NYC’s Bill de Blasio Actually Trying to Run for President?


A leftist hack too lazy to even get out of bed a lot of the time, who likes making grandiose promises

Media Loses Mind, Compares Young Jewish Woman Ayelet Shaked to Hitler

ayelet shaked

“Ayelet Shaked makes Benjamin Netanyahu look like a liberal.”

PhD Candidate Writes Illiterate Dissertation to Protest Grammar Colonialism


“my style of writing is a form of grammatical resistance as a deconstructionist ”

Cat-Suited Saddam-Lover Who Declared Israel-Free Zone in UK Loses Election

British MP George Galloway speaks to the Islamic Action Front supporters in Amman

“The mosques are very important, and the way the community operates religiously through the mosques.”

Mosque that Called for Criminalizing Blasphemy to Bury Cartoon Terrorist


“When freedom of speech results in provokes the killing of innocent people, it should be outlawed.”

Social Justice Warriors Demand Resignation of Gay Black Student President


One of the protestors purportedly accused him of being an “Uncle Tom.”

Islamophobic Muslim Country to Outlaw Muslim Names

Charlie Hebdo Life of Mohammed Part 1

Tajikistan may ban Muslim-sounding names amid a growing fear of Islamic radicalization

Comic Book Fans Ridicule SPLC’s Targeting of Artist Bosch Fawstin

The Infidel 1 cover 4 Comixology

“Watching the Southern Poverty Law Center go from a group that fought the Klan to a group that attacks artists is just sad.”

Are Conservative Voters Easier to Spook by the Establishment?

Voter Fraud

Establishment parties warn against voting for marginal parties or politicians.