Hillary’s SuperPACs Fighting Each Other Over Money


Ready for Hillary remains a joke.

Obama’s Millions of Illegal Aliens Already Eligible for Welfare


That’s what Obama’s middle class economics really look like.

Measles Makes a Comeback in Kyrgyzstan Because of Islamic Law


“You can’t find a single word in the Koran saying people should be vaccinated.”

Coexist Street Artist Promoting Tolerance of Muslims Attacked by Muslims

via Combo Facebook page

“They advised me to shave off my beard.”

Dem Senator Denounces White Privilege, Claims He’s Not Black Because White People “Polluted” his Blood


Does that mean he has white privilege?

Kerry: No Extension of Extension of Iran Nuclear Talks, Maybe

john kerry

The Iranians know that he can rolled like an empty barrel

Turkey’s Leader Vows to Take On Jewish/Armenian/Greek Lobby


It’s that vast Jewish-Greek-Armenian conspiracy again.

Obama Understands History Almost as Well as Economics

“I have been asked this question before, and I do not know where it is coming from.”

Authors of New Book: ISIS Beliefs Mainstream, Derive from Saddam


Saddam introduced a “Faith campaign” that sought to Islamise society.

Racist #BlackLivesMatter Protest Takes Man’s Life


His life isn’t the kind that matters.