Schindler Didn’t Disprove Nazi Anti-Semitism, Lassana Bathily Doesn’t Disprove Islamic Anti-Semitism


The media is using Bathilys’ story to cover up the Muslim massacres of Jews

Islamic State in Nigeria Now Using 10-Year-Old Girls as Suicide Bombers


The girl might not have been aware of her deadly burden

German Newspaper Took Stand for Freedom by Printing Mohammed Cartoons, Got Firebombed


The Morgenpost headline on Thursday had read, “this much freedom must be possible.”

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour: Charlie Hebdo Murderers Were “Activists”


Next they’ll finally become community organizers.

Latest New York Times Editor is Melting Down

newspapers-and-glasses by George Hodan

At the rate the paper is going through editors, it’s going to have to turn to homeless people

Kosher Store Jihadist: “They Try To Make You Believe That the Muslims are Terrorists”


Massacring people shopping at a Kosher supermarket isn’t terrorism.

Muslims Fear Backlash From People They Keep Killing

coexist christians mulims jews

The real story is not the Jews, Atheists and Christians in France who fear being killed by Muslims

Leftists Vandalize Paper for Calling Illegal Aliens, “Illegal”


How long until this is described as “Illegalphobia”?

Islamic State in Nigeria May Have Killed 2,000 People on Wednesday


Obama’s favorite terrorists in Nigeria are practicing their Religion of Genocide.

Obama’s Universal Community College Plan Makes a Community College Degree Worthless


The only people who benefit from devaluing college degrees have graduate degrees