Why Wasn’t Harry Reid (Senator 3) Indicted Along w/Menendez


You don’t indict Obama’s people. You do indict his political opponents.

State Dept Still Trying to Cover Up Benghazi Terror Attack


The State Department is still reluctant to use the ‘B’ word.

Should ISIS Members in the West be Allowed to Join the Terror Group?


That’s how democracy works.

Iraqi Prime Minister Says Obama is on Iran’s Side in Yemen

It’s not just Israel that Obama is screwing over to aid Iran.

Hillary Clinton: Gay Marriage is in the Constitution


They call it the “What Difference Does It Make Anyway” amendment.

Anti-Israel J Street Leftists Met w/Obama, Urged Him to Oppose Israel

j street e

‘You are doing the right thing, we are behind you 100 percent’.”

White House Has Been Holding Meetings w/Radical Israeli Leftists

“Threaten [Israel] with severing diplomatic ties.”

Hillary Clinton Steps Down From Hillary Clinton Foundation

hillary font

Hillary’s husband and daughter, along with assorted Clinton officials, are deciding disclosures for her foundation.

79-Year-Old Man Who Shot Robber Dies in Prison


Mason was driving to a favorite restaurant in the middle of the night when he had trouble sleeping.

Guy Who Tried to Rig Israeli Election Now in Trouble with the FDA Over Snack Bars

But if all else fails, Israel can always buy Kind bars in bulk and drop them over Gaza in the next war.