Even the Liberal Media Doesn’t Want a Keystone Fight, So Why Does Obama?

Pipeline Closeup Underside by Ken Kistler

He’s going to fight this because it’s really all he knows how to do.

Austria: Calls for Killing Jews Legal, Calling Mohammed a Pedophile, Illegal


Showing Adolf Hitler and praising the death of Jews are a legitimate criticism of Israel

No One in China Wants Tesla’s Government Mandated Cars

musk obama

Tesla sold about 120 cars in China

Obama Claims Axelrod Lying About his Gay Marriage Lie


So many lies.

Obama Takes on Staples, Shows He Doesn’t Understand Business


Even Obama ought to be able to do the math on that.

ObamaCare Supporters Starting to Sound Like Abuse Victims


If you admit that ObamaCare wrecked your health insurance, the Republicans win.

7 Months After Bombing ISIS, Obama Seeks Congressional Authorization

obama umbrella

Obama is planning a repeal of the 9/11 authorization against Al Qaeda.

UK Wannabe Beheader: “Implement Sharia in UK, Kill Every Gay”

Photo: Central News

“I love Allah and will follow everything he orders.”

Obama has Always Been Clear That Those Randomly Targeted Jews Were Targeted Because They Were Jews

obama liar

From denial to “we never claimed otherwise”

No, Putin Does Not Have Aspergers

obama putin romney

Putin is a lot saner than the American progressive