“Low IQ” is the New Muslim Terrorist Defense


How do you convict a Pakistani terrorist of anything?

Muslim Quotes Koran, Threatens Wife w/Acid at Walmart


“He tells his wife that if she leaves him, he will burn her face and genitals with acid.”

Newspaper Controlled By Mexican Billionaire Outraged at Foreigners Buying New York Real Estate

It's that Cuban Privilege that's the problem

“We are not nearly as judgmental about it as we should be.”

UK Closes School When Little Boy Says Muslims are Terrorists


The UK is now shutting down entire schools because Muslims are offended.

Muslims Torch Synagogue, German Judge Says it’s Not Anti-Semitism

NYTimes Kristallnacht

They wanted to “send a signal”, he say they did not want to set fire to the synagogue.

MSNBC’s Social Justice Warrior Hosts Have Alienated Younger Viewers


The media loves Social Justice Warriors. People hate them.

Samantha Power: Saudi Statement Blaming Anti-Semitism on Jews is “Extremely Significant”

Never fear! There's a hashtag.

The Saudis have no anti-semitism problem.

The Urban Murder Rate Can’t Be Cleared

body outline by Vera Kratochvil

Even when blacks were 5% of the population, they accounted for 21% of murder victims

Protesters Blame Native American Violence Against Women on “Redskins” Team


Yes the word “Huh” is completely appropriate.

Obama Claims His Incompetence is Really “Strategic Patience”


First he golfs incessantly to make them think he’s a lightweight.