Muslim Party Leader Says Islam is “Peace and Love”, Calls for Killing Cartoonists


Islam is the religion of peace.

Muslim Anti-Semitic Terror in France Continues w/Hostages at Kosher Store


The gunman reportedly told police at the scene: “You know who I am”.

Muslim Leader in Ireland Advocates Freedom of Expression, Censoring Cartoons


“You can say love is stronger than hate but you can’t portray the Prophet Mohammed.”

Peak Media Denial: Muslim Terrorism has No Motive


The only way to deny Muslim terrorism is to insist that murder has no motive.

State Dept Has No Idea if Cuba Kept Deal, Doesn’t Care


Redirecting questions about political prisoners to the dictatorship holding them prisoner

CNN Won’t Show Cartoons of “The Prophet” When Held Up by Protesters


The American media has preemptively surrendered to the Hebdo killers.

As New York Police Strike, Bill de Blasio Outlaws Packing Peanuts


New Yorkers can enjoy cold food…. for the environment.

Obama’s 2014 Regs Drained $181 Billion from Economy


Higher energy bills, more expensive goods and fewer jobs.

Finally “Queer Animal Liberation” is Here

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“We must work together to achieve human and nonhuman equality”

Obama Condemns Hebdo Attack Despite Jailing Man for Mohammed Movie


Does he feel that blasphemy prosecutions are fine when carried out by him?