Islamic Circle of North America Guide Urges Jihad, Hating America


The book tells Muslims to wage jihad to conquer the West

Pelosi: Founding Fathers Wanted ObamaCare


“The founders wanted freedom to pursue their happiness, not [be] job-locked,”

UK to Consider Outlawing Muslim Brotherhood

A man works on a graffiti representing the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo

MI5 will be asked to investigate how many senior Brotherhood leaders are in the UK

DeBlasio Aide on Cop Killer: “This Racist, Imperialist Country Gets the Best of People”


She even used Twitter to cheer crazed ex-LAPD cop Chris Dorner

CAIR Attacks Honor Diaries Movie About Abuse of Women Because it was “Produced by Jews”


1,500 forced marriages take place each year in the United States

8 of 10 Richest Congressional Districts are Repped by Democrats


Democratic House districts have a $1,000 higher income than Republican districts.

Why Rand Paul is Wrong to Blame the US for Pearl Harbor


The US could no doubt have ceded Hawaii, but where does all that end?

Obama PAC to Protest Global Warming Skepticism During April 1st Snowstorm


Organizing for America might want to rethink who the fools will be.

New Yorkers Boo Bill de Blasio as he Throws Out Pitch for Mets (VIDEO)


“Everyone knows that Giuliani was a Yankees fan.”

Obama Cancels Tomahawk Missile, Spends $400K on Camel Sculpture in Pakistan

Hall Wines Art Collection.

Meanwhile US Marines in Afghanistan are being denied hot meals.