Harry “Man of the People” Reid’s Comcast Connection


Krone became one of the senator’s biggest donors, giving $35,000 to Reid’s campaigns

Taliban Buying Voter Cards at $5 Each


The Taliban have learned a few community organizing tricks from Chicago

Biden’s Son Defends Judge Who Spared Du Pont Pedophile from Prison


There’s something rotten in the state of Delaware.

UK House of Commons Criticizes Obama Betrayal on Falklands


The British are frustrated that Washington has refused to support the rights of the islanders

Chicago Murder Rate at Lowest Level in 50 Years after Concealed Carry


Chicago gun violence is gang driven.

Malaysian Opposition Suggests Government Complicity in Plane Disappearance


It “should take three minutes under SOP for the air force planes to go.”

Jimmy Carter: US Should Give Visa to Iran Embassy Hostage Taker


“You know, those were college students at that time, and I think that they have matured.”

Al Gore Considering “Inconvenient Truth” Sequel No One Wants


There’s only so many times that Chicken Little can cry that the sky is falling

Insane Leftist Student: “Ban the Illini Chief or I’ll Shoot Myself”


“I was told I was acting like a “personally wounded party, and like a child”

State Department Misplaced $6 Billion Under Hillary


Just think how much the country will misplace if she ever reaches the White House.