Hagel was Fired for Blocking Obama’s Plan to Close Gitmo


The most anti-war Republican was still too hawkish for Obama.

Keeping Away the National Guard Let Ferguson Violence Happen

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‘We see the National Guard rolling in this morning, … where were they last night?’”

The “Americans Have Very Clearly Surrendered to Iran’s Might”


Iran has wound Obama and Kerry around its finger.

Mugged Liberal: “We Should Get Comfortable with Sporadic Muggings”


They say a conservative is a liberal who was mugged. But that doesn’t always work.

McCain Wants Lindsey Graham to Run for President


What? Why?

It Takes More Paperwork to Kill a Terrorist Than To Go To the Moon


We have the power. We just can’t use it.

Looks Like Elizabeth Warren Might Be Running for President After All

Federal Reserve Hearing

The visit suggests that Warren may have presidential ambitions.

Ferguson Protesters Will Loot As Many Stores As It Takes to Get Justice


So far no justice, but that’s almost as good as free cell phones

The Ferguson Circus is Over, Get Ready for the Next One


The next case has already presented itself.

Immigration Agencies Not Actually Capable of Processing 5 Million Applications

Needs more lawyers

“I do not see a need for a czar”