Reid Used Campaign Funds to Buy Jewelery from Granddaughter for Donors, Koch Bros to Blame


A new generation of the Reid Crime Family is moving up the line.

Harry Reid Blames Internet for Problems


Somehow they manage to shop at Amazon, bid on eBay and share on Facebook

Pulitzer Prize Winning NYT Reporter: Obama “Greatest Enemy of Press Freedom”


Any journalist who exceeds those parameters “will be punished.”

Reid Can Be Beaten If the GOP Stands Up to Him


“Of course, they’re disappointed.”

DOJ to Hold Exhibition for Left-Wing Photog Charged with Violating Enemy Trading Act


“Employees will be granted administrative leave to attend.”

Rumsfeld has Been Saying “A Trained Ape Could Do Better” Before Obama was Born


Sorry, no racism to see here. Better luck next time.

Obama Still Insisting Romney was Wrong about Russia

US President Barack Obama and Russia's President Vladimir Putin.

“Russia is threatening its neighbors not out of strength but out of weakness.”

Under Obama, the New Mission of the Special Forces is to Make Muslims Like Them


“You can’t surge trust.”

Atty General Holder Won’t Charge Woman Who Voted for Obama 6 Times


Voter fraud doesn’t exist.

Disgraced Ex-Obama Official: Obama Should Think of Putin as a Republican


“Looked into Putin’s eyes and had seen a stone-cold killer.”