MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow Gets Beaten by Golden Girls Rerun, Faces Cancellation


“He sort of stinks on TV.”

Noah is the Ultimate Anti-Environmentalist Story


Man is meant to fill up the world. The world exists for him.

Christie’s Dishonest Response on Appointing Terror Lawyer as Superior Court Judge


“Sohail Mohammed knows as much about jihad as I do,” Christie says.

No, 30,000 Alaskans Did Not Sign a Petition to Join Russia


Most of the signers don’t even list a state.

CDC: 200,000 Girls at Risk of FGM in US


Immigration to the U.S. from countries in Africa quadrupled to 1.6 million

CNN Won’t Cover “Local Story” of Dem State Senator Busted by FBI for Missile Arms Deal


A bridge being closed down in New Jersey, that’s a national news story.

Noah is the Most Unpopular Movie in Current Release


Cinemascore’s rating for Noah is a C.

#CancelColbert and Context


Redskins is not a term that the white man created.

Moderate Iranian President Picks US Embassy Hostage Taker as UN Ambassador


Iran is just slapping Obama around to see how much more he will take.

US Accuses Kuwaiti “Pigs and Apes” Justice Minister of Terror Ties


He proceeded to call the Jewish people “the scum of mankind.”