Illiterate Social Justice Warriors Denounce US Army for “Chink in Armor” Tweet


We’re a few years away from Chink being outlawed because leftists can’t read.

Michael Moore Whining About Death Threat From 84-Year-Old Clint Eastwood


Moore is running low on material so now he’s playing the victim.

New York Times: Cuban Refugees Fleeing Castro Have “Cuban Privilege”

The people fleeing a murderous dictatorship with the clothes on their back are very privileged.

Cuban Dictator Now Demanding Money, Guantanamo Bay

U.S. President Obama greets Cuban President Castro at the memorial service for Mandela in Johannesburg

Obama is free to show Raul how flexible he can be.

UK Cops Conduct Manhunt for Man Who Criticized Islam on Bus


Maybe the police can teach him to love Big Imam.

President of Communist Party Will Continue Working w/Democratic Party


In other news, so will Obama.

One Voice Boss: We Have To Do Everything in Our Power to Take Down Netanyahu


The orders came from the top.

Holocaust Architect: Christians too Judaized, Greater Truth of Koran On My Side


“Mohammedans whom I have had a strong connection since the days of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem”

Saudi Imam: Columbus Sailed to America to Kill all the Muslims


“The Muslims were there before Columbus and all the others.”

5th American Killed in Libya Because of Obama’s War

david berry

He survived Afghanistan and Iraq, but became a casualty of Obama’s regime change in Libya.