De Blasio Booed at Police Academy Graduation


“You didn’t create problems.” “No, you did!”

Not Even 1% of Obama’s Amnesty Surge Illegals Are Being Deported

obama amnesty

This is what Obama’s idea of immigration reform looks like and it’s open borders with a vengeance.

Obama Celebrates Winning War He’s Losing


It’s a turning point when you win.

Did Comcast Give Sharpton $155K and MSNBC Gig to Help It Take Over NBC?


Staffers in the Washington bureau were under pressure to book minorities on their shows

Army Wedding Booted to Make Way for Obama’s Golf Game


Well this is what it’s like living in a monarchy

If You Lose Weight, You’re Destroying the Planet


Most of the mass is breathed out as carbon dioxide and goes into thin air.

New York Times: “Let the Fires Burn Until Every City is on its Knees”


“As Ferguson burns, I hear the voice inside me chant, “Burn on…”

Mosque Vandalism Investigated as Hate Crime by FBI was Carried Out by Muslim


Samia Khan, said her brother is a devout Muslim.

#BlackLivesMatter Protesters Sing: “Deck The Halls With Rows Of Dead Cops”


Remember these are peaceful protesters

Why It Doesn’t Matter Whether North Korea Hacked Sony


This isn’t a whodunit. It’s a whydidtheyreacthatway.