American Sniper Beats New Releases, Passes $200 Mill


“These are staggering numbers.”

Hillary Clinton Refuses to Comment on Keystone Pipeline

hillary clinton what difference does it make

Is she going to keep this “No Comment” stuff up during the election?

Clinton Aides Fear Return of “Evil Hillary World”

planet hillary2

The mantra “snitches get stitches” was drilled into them

Cruz: If a Liberal Republican Runs, Conservative Voters Will Stay Home

ted cruz

“Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.”

“Even Though I Supported a Jihad, it was Never to Hurt Anyone.”


She said “legitimate targets” included U.S. military bases, government employees and public officials

Is Hillary Clinton a Bigger Control Freak Than Obama?


Obama has become notorious for trying to shut out the press

Kerry: Muslims Don’t Raze Villages, American Soldiers Do


Boko Haram doesn’t raze villages. Only American soldiers do.

Muslim Rapist in Australia Blames Muslim Rape Culture


Mohebbifar told a psychologist that Western women were “portrayed as whores” in Iran.

Arizona State Now has Class on the “Problem of Whiteness”


Clearly this Whiteness Problem requires some sort of Final Solution,

Non-Muslims Biden and Prince Charles Barred from Saudi King’s Funeral


The Iranian Foreign Minister could be allowed in, but not Biden.